Diana Raycheva

Diana Raycheva

Luxembourg city, Luxembourg, Luxembourg

About Diana Raycheva

Specialized in PMP and BEC University in USA

Italy , Torino
Master 3D design

Italy, Torino
Accademia di belle Arti Stage Design for Theatre, TV, Cinema

Bulgaria, Sofia
Fine Art School


Fine Art, Photography, Stage Design, Graphic Design, Design, Photography, Storyboard and Animation


2018: Award for ''Interior design and decoration''

2016: Award for ''Portrait drawing from photo''

2015: Special Award for Logo '' USA''

2011:Award for Illustration of Czechand Slovak Fairy tale

2011: 1st place for Redesgn chair Milan,Italy

2010: 1st place of Sketch Body Drawing, Bulgaria Sofia

2009: participate in the exhibition for Palestine''GAZA'' Italy,Torino
Award for ''movie and sound''

2008: participate in the competition''First International Youth drawing triennal Zakopane

2007: winner of Scolarship in competition for student talent in high school for sport and culturefor the Ministry of Culture

2007: second place for painting competition to particiape in the National Gallery of Foreign Art

2007: participate in a show in NDK

2007: first place for designer '' Artist Drawing''

2007: participate in ''Subject which lived 2 times''

2007: participate in the Exhibition ''Ex-Libris Anniversary'' Cobaez 2007''

2006: participate in the ''Christmas Exhibition'' event

2006: participate in the common moto ''Gorna Malina''

2006: participate in the ''Apolonia 2006''

2006: participate in the event organized by ''Ministry of Culture''

2006: special award for design for anniversary exhibition ''competition for '' National fine art school Ilia Petrov''

2006: participate in competition ''Organized from Bulgarian Olympic Committee in support of Sofia, for winter Olympics Games 2014''
2nd place for Poster ''Olympic games 2014'' Let's do it together'

2006:second plae and special prize from Fashion company''Camara Moda'' in competition for artistic design 2006:national contest ''Fashion''
> Night dress
> Haute couture
>Intimate underwear

2008: participate in the Exhibition ''Bulgaria''
2007: participate in the Exhibition ''Sredez''
2006: participate n the exhibition ''Competition Anniversary of Mozart''
2005: participate in Nexhibition ''NUII Ilia etrov'' in NDC National Culture Center in Bulgaria,Sofia
2005: participate in the gallery show ''Debut''
2004: partcipate in the anniversary exhibition contest for the writer ''Yordan Radichkov'' in Sofia art Gallery