Denise Boineau

Denise Boineau

FL, United States

About Denise Boineau

My artwork is the reflection of a life in motion. To feel and experience a life well lived and translated through a visual narrative is what interests me. Challenging the painters hand with the poets mind to create a sensitivity on canvas is what inspires me. Hope is what I am searching for.
I became a painter after working in the world of fashion and as a costume designer in the movie industry. I became a painter not to escape but to settle on what I had been moving towards. There was no grand plan, but it all makes perfect sense in hindsight. I had good teachers along the way who taught me about color, texture, and composition, and about story-telling and the cut and splice. Art is now my profession, and I approach it with the same dedication that I did my previous full-time jobs.
The nitty-gritty. I start with an image, and let it sit. I look at it every which way. I ask myself: why? Why put it down on canvas? Why share it? Why not just let it be? I see painting as an invitation, a reaching out to someone not yet there. Success: they are moved enough to try to read between the lines, or just to re-internalize it, and let it sit. The poet may try to pat and ply it and turn it into words. A fellow painter may just say, "I see." A mother may see something else; a child may point out something that her mother missed; and someone else may ask "why"? I paint in order to share, to open a circle, and hope that it multiplies.
My studio is a mess. And why not, I am attracted to unruly images; the sort that will not fit squarely into four corners and two-dimensions. I try to memorialize that special moment right before something really meaningful happens. Horses in mid-air about to land and continue to the next steeple, or seconds before the starting gate bolts open. I tend to settle on images full of movement and suspense. Chaos and anticipation: behind the scenes in fashion shows, where faces and bodies get transformed, packaged and re-packaged, and sent to the end of the runway and back. I am attracted to that moment right before the shower curtain gets pulled back and the whole theater goes deathly silent. "In the silence the wind grows/with its single leaf and its battered flower...." Neruda.


2015 - Artist in Residence, Studio 209; Thomasville, GA
2007-2013 Art Education FSU, LaMoyne, Brush & Palette
1985 - Paris Fashion Institute
1978-1982 East Carolina University


2017 "The Poised Painter" - Tallahassee Magazine
2015 WCTV Interview - Flaunt Festival
2015 Big Bend Cares Blog
2014 Zone One Arts
2014 Art Business Institute
Artist Portfolio Magazine Issue 13


2015 Group Show, Flaunt Festival; Thomasville GA
2015 Group Show, Artopia, Big Bend Cares, Tallahassee, FL
 2015 Group Show, Sass with Paula Deen, Thomasville, GA
 2015 Solo Show – Artist on Broad Street, Thomasville, GA
 2015 Solo Show - Landmark Kentucky Derby Event, Thomasville, GA
 2015 Group, Show, Due South, Thomasville, GA
 2014 Group Show, “Flaunt”, Thomasville, GA
 2014 Group Show, “Stomp the Divots, Jackson, WY
 2014 Group Show, Signature Art Gallery, Tallahassee, FL
 2014 Group Show “Pony Up for Post”, International Polo Club, Wellington, FL
 2014 Group Show, “ Polo under the Palms” Sarasota Polo Club, Sarasota, FL
 2014 Group Show, See Me Scope Digital Show, Miami, FL

IAM - Bus Traveling Musemn April 2013 from Artists Portfolio Magazine

Creatives Rising - Long Island City October 2013

Scope Miami - Digital Show Miami, FL December 2013