Diana Fernandez Vasquez

Diana Fernandez Vasquez

Guatemala, Central America, Guatemala

About Diana Fernandez Vasquez

Diana Fernandez is a recognized Guatemalan sculptor with 290 national and international exhibitions and 20 solo shows. The International Sculpture Center said she revitalizes alabaster with a contemporary language.


Born in Guatemala City on November 5, 1969.Teacher of Pre-primary Education.Bachelor of Arts in the National School of Plastic Arts. She began her sculpture studies at the Cabrera Atelier with the sculptor Arturo Tala García.She studied sculpture with Guayo de León, 1979 - 1981 in Paris, France. At the Port Royal Academy, with Claude Shure, drawing in the nude. She started studying archeology at the Universidad del Valle, Guatemala. Damascene course in Toledo, Spain, 1994.


She received the National School of Arts Unique Sculptor Award and the Guatemala Biennial Honorable Mention also the Tribute to her Sculptural Work by FUNSILEC, 2016. Also awarded with the Goya Award at the Barcelona Biennial in Spain and the Caravaggio International Award Experience in Rome, Italy. Additionally her sculptures appeared in the Euroairport Mega Screen in Basel, Switzerland. Curator Vittorio Sgarbi recognized her with the Milan International Art Award. In 2018 she participated in ARTROOMS London successfully and in Art projects New York
Also in MIRADAS INICIALES in Jorge Jurado Art Studio, Bogotá, Colombia.
1984 Bronze Sculpture for "Cotzy" award for Miss Guatemala by Max Factor.
1989-2003 Bronze Sculpture for the Best Exporter of Non-Traditional Products Award in Guatemala.
1991 Design and Production of Pin de oro for El Ingenio Pantaleón.
1992 Design and Production of the Eclipse-Bingo Ring '92.
1993 First Jewelery Auction-Association of Jewelers.
2001 Sculpture for ANAVI, Trophy Latin American Congress and the Caribbean "Trophy ALA".
013 Women in Coffee Exhibition 2013 Art in May, Rosas Botran Foundation 2013 Marta and María Exhibition Friends of Jesus Catholic Community 2013 Juannio Auction, Guatemala 2013 Exhibition, Castillo Foundation, Ana Lucia Gomez Gallery 2013 Exhibition, Rosas Botran Foundation, Cayalá



2000 Exhibition "Aldo Castañeda" Auction. 2000 Exhibition Auction, Rotary Club of Guatemala. 2000 Exhibition "Collective Sculpture", El Ático Gallery. 2000 Exhibition "Friends of the Lake of Amatitlan". 2000 Collective Exhibition "Roberto González Goyri", (JUNKABAL). 2000 Juannio Auction Exhibition. 2000 Exhibition of miniatures in the El Tunel Gallery "Adiós al 2000". 2000 Exhibition "Art for Life". 2000 Exhibition "A World of Latin Artists: Earth, People and Passion, Delaware Art Museum. 2001 Auction Exhibition, Rotary Club of Guatemala. 2001 Exhibition "Sculpture", Gallery The Attic. 2001 Collective Exhibition "Francisco Cabrera", (JUNKABAL). 2002 Auction Exhibition, Rotary Club of Guatemala. 2002 Collective Exhibition, Graphika Gallery. 2002 Collective Exhibition, Vértice Gallery. 2002 Exhibition JUNKABAL. 2003 Auction Exhibition, Rotary Club of Guatemala. 2003 Exhibition "Rosas Botran Foundation". 2003 Juannio Auction Exhibition. 2003 Collective Exhibition "Carmen de Petterson", (JUNKABAL). 2004 Auction Exhibition, Rotary Club of Guatemala 2004 Exhibition Ana Lucia Gómez Gallery-Latin American Art 2004 Exhibition to Home Benefit San Gabriel, Guatemala 2004 Junkabal Exhibition, Guatemala 2004 Generations Found Exhibition, Antico Gallery, Tegucigalpa, Honduras 2005 Exhibition Auction, Club Rotarians Guatemala 2005 First Home Benefit Exhibition San Gabriel, Guatemala 2005 Junkabal Exhibition, Guatemala 2005 Second Exhibition to Home Bench San Gabriel., Guatemala 2006 Auction Exhibition, Rotary Club of Guatemala, Guatemala 2006 Art Fair, Escazú, San Jose, Costa Rica 2006 Exhibition Fine Art Cellar, Costa Rica 2006 Exhibition Juannio Auction, Guatemala 2006 Junkabal Exhibition, Guatemala 2006 Benificio Hogar San Gabriel Exhibition, Guatemala 2006 Exhibition at the 11-12 Arte Gallery, Escazú, Costa Rica 200

2013 Junkabal Exhibition 2013 Anniversary Galería El Túnel 2013 Funsilec Exhibition 2013 Poderosas Exhibition, Museum of Modern Art 2013 Juan Bautista Auditorium Exhibition, Francisco Marroquín University 2013 Miniatures exhibition, El Tunel Gallery, Guatemala 2014 Artist and Point, Gallery The Attic 2014 2014 Rotary Auction Night of Art and Tango, Cultural District The Living Zone of Art. Municipality of Guate. 2014 4th Salon of miniatures "Rafael Mora", Quetzaltenango, Guatemala 2014 Art in May, Fundacion Rosas Botran, Guatemala 2014 Exhibition "Marta and Maria", Friends of Jesus Catholic Community, Guatemala 2014 Junkabal Exhibition 2014 Collective exhibition, gallery The Attico 2014 Exhibition Funsilec 2014 Exhibition Miniatures and something else, The Tunel Gallery 2014 Collective exhibition, gallery The Atico 2015 Exhibition'Dialogues with Juannio', Gallery The Attic 2015 Exhibition Anthology of Color¨, IPSAR gallery, Rome, Italy 2015 Art in May, Fundacion Rosas Botran , Guatemala 2015 Exhibition Marta y Maria, Friends of Jesus Catholic Community, Guatemala 2015 Exhibition "Junkabal", Guatemala 2015 Exhibition "Funsilec", Guatemala 2015 Exhibition "Miniatures and something else", El Tunel Gallery, Guatemala 2016 Cultural Festival Paseo de la Sexta , GyT Continental Foundation, Guatemala 2016 "Arte en Mayo" Exhibition, Rosas Botran Foundation, Guatemala 2016 Exhibition cion "Marta y Maria", Guatemala 2016 Valoarte, Costa Rica 2016 Colectiva Arte contemporaneo, Galeria Rosas Botran, Guatemala 2016 Collective of artists. Artflow, San Jose, Costa Rica 2016 Junkabal Exhibition, Guatemala 2016 Oxigen, Fragmented identitis + cities, Jorge Jurado Art Studio.Bogotad Colombia 2016 Contemporary Venice, Palazzo Flangini, Venice Italy 2017 Art Exhibition in May, Fundacion Rosas Botran 2017 Vienal de Arte Peschiera del Arte Garda