Diego Echeagaray

Diego Echeagaray

Mexico City, Mexico

About Diego Echeagaray

I am a photographer, book publisher, illustrator and writer.

Before becoming a full-time photographer and book publisher I used to work as a mountain guide in Mexico, USA, Canada and the Himalayas of Nepal. I also worked as a sea-kayaking guide in Baja California and Belize, and a white-water rafting guide in Mexico.


I studied Graphic Design, drawing, illustration and painting techniques, screen printing and engraving, as well as writing and literary composition. I am fluent in three languages: Spanish, English and Italian. My main interests are history, archaeology, geography and literature.


I began working as an illustrator and photographer in 1981. I have specialized in editorial, landscape, architecture, nature and documentary photography (in Mexico, Central America, Canada, Alaska, India, and in the Nepalese Himalayas).

Books published:
• "Mexico, ciudad contemporánea", 2006
• "Las misiones de la Sierra Gorda", 2007
• "Between Air And Sky, The Copper Canyon", 2008
• "Chiapas, One Sustainable Paradise", 2009
• "El pulque y las haciendas pulqueras", 2010
• "Oaxaca, Millennia of Civilisation", 2011
• "Guanajuato, mining and cultural wealth", 2012
• "Victor Cha'ca", 2013
• "The First California", 2013
• "Cornwall and Hidalgo, An Enduring Connection", 2013
• "Yucatan, Land Of The Mayab", 2014
• "Land of Clouds", 2014


• "Foto Colectiva: Three photographers", December 2004, Mexico City
• "Costas". A collective exhibition of painters, sculptors and photographers, December 2005, Mexico City
• "Trazos de luz". Four painters and two photographers, May 2006, Guadalajara, Mexico
• International Photo Contest "Valle de Bravo: a magic eye", December 2008, Mexico:
• First Prize: Sports Category
• First Prize: Landscape Category
• Third Prize: Architecture Category
• Fund-raising art auction “Comer y Crecer, A.C.”, Dec. 2012, 2013, 2015
• "Cornwall & Hidalgo", Redruth, UK, August 2014
• "Cornwall & Hidalgo", Instituto Cervantes, London, UK, September 2014
• "The First California", Copenhagen, Denmark, September 2015