Dino Muradian

Dino Muradian

San Francisco

About Dino Muradian

58 years old pyrographic artist. Just trying hard to show everybody that Pyrography is not only a decorative, naive kind of art, but it could be elevated to a Fine Art level if taken seriously. Very minute, done under magnifying glasses, monotonous type of work : Painting with Heat. Hyperrealism.Everything I know about PYROGRAPHY is self taught. For the first 20 years PYROGRAPHY represented just a simple hobby for me, then, since 1984 it got more serious. In 1990 Ive sold my first pieces, through an art gallery in Hawaii, and Im making a living with it ever since (or at least... trying to). Burning on wood and paper, as well as on anything with a wooden kind of texture.. Leather, bones and gourds, also good canvases for this art form.Interesting enough, Pyrography is perhaps the only type of art where is no real need for the tool you are using, to touch the respective canvas! You can burn a piece of wood with a red hot soldering iron type tool, even without touching it, but holding it very close to the surface. Or you can use a magnifying lens to direct sunlight through on a piece of wood or paper, and burn it. Just PhysicsSepia-like portraits, still-lives, religious icons, reproductions of Old Italian Masters, custom violins, violas, cellos, harps, guitars, and banjos, wood furniture pieces, also different private commissions, these are my burned artworks. At any sizes, from a few square cm to a few square meters, almost anything can be pyrographed manually. Challenging stuff, really.



Future Shows: For a real art exhibition/show you have to have at least 20-30 pieces available, which it never happened to me so far, unfortunately.