Antónimo Discípulo sin maestro

Antónimo Discípulo sin maestro

Paracuellos de Jarama, Madrid, Spain

About Antónimo Discípulo sin maestro

I am a mere intellectual explorer with one obsession, to make the audience Think, through story telling.

Each piece represents the discernment of the eternal and universal truths and is expression is strictly human and provincial.
Like poems they are marvelous attempts to make comprehensible to us, finite beings, the infinite truths.

Difficult to brand as an idealist or a realist, in my grotesque vision of the human condition, nothing appears improbable but within strange and absurd situations, who touch without trespassing the limits of probability.

We must uncover the distressing gap between idea and reality, characterized by the grotesque, where incubates our metaphysical condition, what things mean are not clearly stated, in order to stir curiosity, clues are given and where each one reachs depends only on how everyone approaches it and after bringing together all pieces with its own tools.

The audience could slide by the comic slope, by the metaphysical or by both.

Work to be celebrated with admiration or with laugh!


1986 Bachelor in Fine Arts. Faculdade de Belas Artes do Porto. Portugal.