Dorota Jedrusik

Dorota Jedrusik

Krakow, Poland

About Dorota Jedrusik

Through the art creation I search for a New. I seek innovation and novelty. I experiment and do not close into one. Regardless chosen medium, I create abstract art. I express through drawing and painting, but also construct installation using ceramics in correlation with other medium.
Infinite means being created by abstract art provoke me to continuous exploration. Forming abstract shapes generates particular unobviousness, which I desire in my art. I am interested in creation of unsaid situations which do not exist in reality. I concentrate on a form and color. Furthermore, what exceptionally absorbs me is correlation between subtlety and sparkle as well as border between random and control. Observation of them being in various ranges of occurrence or different intensity is the subject of my researches. What inspires me is human imagination, thoughts, physics and architecture.
When creating my abstracts I do not impose, but I give choice for feelings and thoughts. I try to extend my art receiver imagination by transmitting an impulse. It is not necessary for the observer to follow my way of projection as it could eliminate new interesting points of view. Every interpretation of my art is meaningful and legitimated for me.
Main motivation for artistic thinking is my amazement when creation process leads me to unclearness. I make another artwork due to relationship which I detect with previous or as an aspiration to create new one. My artistic activity follows from the need of formation and molding but also from the need of self-expression. By creating from the desire of composing my own reality, I strive for my recipient’s sensitivity development. My ambition is to give an alternative to existing world.
Art is the meaning of my life.


2005 - 2010 Master of Arts / Department of Ceramics / Academy of Fine Art and Design / Wroclaw / Poland
2008 - 2009 Erasmus Scholarship-holder / Universidad del Pais Vasco / Bilbao / Spain
2003 - 2004 Department of Fabrics and Clothing / Academy of Fine Art / Lodz / Poland
2000 - 2003 Architect Technician / College of Architecture / Department of Architectural Design / Bytom / Poland


2012 Finalist of the International Competition of Painting and Drawing „STRABAG” / Vienna / Austria
2011 Finalist of the 57th International Competition of Contemporary Ceramic Art 57th „PREMIO FAENZA” / Faenza / Italy
2010 Participant of the 46th International Sculpture and Ceramic Symposium / Boleslawiec / Poland


2019 X Art Fresh Festival / Sheraton Hotel / Warsaw / Poland
2018 Art Fair, exhibition of young artists and designers / Design Forum, National Museum, Bunkier Sztuki Gallery of Contemporary Art / Krakow /Poland
2018 II Contemporary Art Review / The Wilson Shaft Gallery / Katowice / Poland
2012 The 5th International Drawing Competition Wroclaw 2012 – exhibition of drawing / Museum of Architecture / Wroclaw / Poland
2012 Review of young art "Untouchable" in the Mediations Biennale – exhibition of ceramics (In ink from the cycle 46 axlepienie) / Gallery Store / Poznan / Poland
2011 57th Premio Faenza - International Competition of Contemporary Ceramic Art – exhibition of ceramics (60 seconds) / International Museum of Ceramic / Faenza / Italy
2011 46th International Sculpture and Ceramic Symposium – exhibition of ceramics (cycle 46 axlepienie) / Museum of Architecture / Wroclaw / Poland
2010 60 seconds – exhibition of young art review / Festival of Stars / Zyrardow / Poland
2010 Diploma exhibition of ceramics and drawing - 60 seconds / Gallery “Browar Mieszcznski / Wroclaw / Poland