Don Kosta

Don Kosta

Köln, NRW, Germany

About Don Kosta

I shouldn't be able to paint a line right now, and yet I feel like I'm never a bigger artist than now. My passion is the creation of new worlds in my own way, from contemporary art, modern pop, cubist to classical art, all this is in my creative soul. Kostadin Tanusev was born in 1977 in Strumica, Macedonia. He finds his love for art in his early years. He sketched his first comic book at only 9 years old. In 2001 he had his first group exhibitions. Since 1995 he has devoted himself entirely to painting. Now he also works as a graphic artist and tattoo artist in his spare time. Since 2020 in collaboration with the Gallery Van Gogh Madrid and participation in art3f. Fair Monaco, participating in Swiss Art Expo 2020 digital, upcoming exhibition 4 May 2023 Gallery Artifact New York.


artf3.monaco 2020, Swiss Art Expo 2020 Digital


2001 Group Exhibition Strumica, North Macedonia, Kreta Event 2020, Agora Gallery New York - Digital 2020,2021,Gallery Artifact New York 2023