Ezra Baderman

Ezra Baderman

Jerusalem, jerusalem, Israel

About Ezra Baderman

Ezra is a Paris born, London raised, Jerusalem based Artist. He currently does not restrict himself to any one medium or style, and is lovingly exploring his creativity in a number of themes, subjects and materials.
Ezra displayed a passion for Art and creation from a young age, and, being raised in an artistically inclined environment, with a Film Director for a father and an Architect for a mother, spent a lot of time as a child in galleries and exhibitions honing his talents.
Currently Based in Jerusalem, Ezra is a young, up-and-coming Artist, a rising star, working from his studio to produce fantastic and unique pieces, both 2 dimentional and 3 dimensional. His work includes, but is not limited to, Acrylic, Oil and Watercolour work, Woodwork, drawing and Illustration, and Ultra-violet Slime Installations.
He currently has a fascination with Surrealist portraiture.


John Cass Art School, London (Art Foundation)
Bezalel Academy of Art, Jerusalem. (Fine Art and Visual Communications)


2016: Noor Culture Centre, Tel Aviv Opening Event. (Ultraviolet Installation.)
2013: Brainchild Art Festival, London. Resident Artist.