Edward Fielding

Edward Fielding

Grantham, NH, United States

About Edward Fielding

As a medium, photography always attracted me as a efficient way to bring my visions to life. The tone, textures, light and ability to tell stories with a lens through focus and depth field.

My journey through the world of photography began way back in a sixth grade summer day camp where the young campers were given black and white film cameras to shoot and develop. It was magical. This started me off on an exploration of the art form through makeshift hall closet darkrooms, alternative processes such as Polaroid image transfer and hiking through Yellowstone carrying a vintage metal 4x5 press camera and heavy wooden tripod up and down the mountains.

This past helped to develop my eye and skills but it wasn't until digital photography that I developed a more compelling storytelling style. Lately I've been working closely with the book industry creating intrigue images with a sense of mystery.

I grew up as an Army brat and was always moving from state to state and country to country. I think this experience helped to develop my observation skills that helps me to "see" images. Born in Hawaii, I finally made the trip back to the islands after being away for more than 40 years. The result was a series of black and white images I've grouped together in a book available on Blurb titled "The Last Resort - "The Last Resort" fine art photography by Edward M. Fielding


Boston University


Teaching Staff AVA Gallery, Lebanon NH

Contributor to Darkroom Magazine

"The Quotable Westies"
"The Last Resort"


"Photo Reel" - Gallery W @ the Whitney Center for the Arts March 2014

AVA Gallery, Lebanon, NH

Black and White Magazine Featured Portfolio