Elke Reis

Elke Reis

Munich, Germany

About Elke Reis

'my work is the result of an experimental process, it evolves from the exciting interaction of idea and material, conception and coincidence, conciously set elements and the sometimes unanticipated effects of the material per se.
it is both abstract and reduced, meandering from figurative expressionism to pure formalism. it is a struggle for emptiness and silence - leaving behind all distractive, narrative or descriptive content.'


Art classes at High school Sinsheim and University of Education Karlsruhe // Palo Alto Art Center, CA // Pacific Art League, Palo Alto, CA // The Alameda Artworks San Jose, CA // Atelierprojekt Munich // fabrik am see // Member of ... Pacific Art League Palo Alto, WORKS Gallery San Jose, SBAWCA (South Bay Area Women's Caucus of Art - MAL), Kunstverein Erding, BDK (Fachverband für Kunstpädagogik), Künstlerprojekt LOT62 Munich


exhibitions in 2014:
- small works, Munich
- room-installation @ "Kunst im Abriss" @HDI-Gebäude Munich
- "Bilder, Briefe, Noten LXXXIII" AutorenGalerie 1, Munich
- "Licht und Schatten" - Kunstverein Erding
- kunst im karrée Schwabing @ LOT62, Munich
solo exhibition @ künstlerprojekt LOT62, Munich
(figurative work on paper and canvas)

"Drei Künstler unter einem Dach" @ Künstlerforum Arabellapark, Bogenhausen

Kunst im Karree - Open Studios in Munich-Schwabing
@künstlerprojekt LOT62, München

"Licht und Schatten" @ Kunstverein Erding

"Bilder, Briefe, Noten LXXXVIII" @ Autorengalerie, Munich