Emiliano Baiocchi

Emiliano Baiocchi

Berlin, Germany

About Emiliano Baiocchi

I am a Berlin based artist and have been working for the past 20 years on developing an expressive visual language through painting, drawing, collage, and sculpture.
Raised in a small town, on an inactive volcano in Tuscany, I grew up in close connection to nature, and from my experience of nature, takes birth my work.
As I believe that what exists in its natural state, is much more beautiful, touching and interesting than any comparable simulacrum, my work itself, does not intend to reproduce nature, but materialize the impression nature leaves with me. My work is the reflective output of natural sensorial input: sound, scent, vision, and feeling, translated onto the canvas as a new mixed form.

Driven by an impulsive urge toward expression, my works are rarely conceived before their physical realization. The process itself is a dialogue; each imprint interacts with the previous, and therefore, is an unpredictable play, that may or may not call for multiple medias and techniques within the same piece.

My paintings can be found in various collections in North America and Europe: 
U.S.A., Canada, France, England, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy.

I live and work in Berlin since 2008.


1994/1998 - Liceo Classico A. Poliziano - Montepulciano (Italy)


Selected solo exhibitions

2014 - Inner landscapes - European commission - Brussels
2014 - Paintings - European commission - Luxembourg
2012 - A drawing a day - Galerie Mazzocca - Berlin
2011 - Acetilene - Museo Minerario - Abbadia San Salvatore (Italy)
2008 - Exhibition at Museo Stazione Leopolda - Florence
2007 - Dipinti - Castello del Castelluccio di Pienza - Pienza (Italy)
2006 - Elegia Suburbana - Galleria lo studiolo - Florence

Selected group exhibitions

2019 - L’Art est un jeu d’Enfant - Gordes (Fr)
2019 - living cities - Treptow Ateliers - Berlin (upcoming)
2019 - Groupshow Int. - Treptow Ateliers - Berlin
2018 - Zerrbilder für Waldbewohner – Galerie Burg 32 – Stuer Vorwerk
2017 - Papierarbeiter!!! - Interport - Berlin
2016 - Paperfile#12 – oqbo - Berlin
2015 – Kunst am Spreeknie - Berlin
2013 - Beating surfaces - Sofitel Grand-Ducal - Luxembourg
2012 - Retro-perspective - Kartueche Gallery - Berlin
2010 - Grenzen/Fronteras/Bord ers - Tacheles - Berlin
2010 - Carte Blanche to Dalila Dalleas - Galerie Peter Hermann - Berlin