Emma Gómara

Emma Gómara

Zaragoza, Aragon, Spain

About Emma Gómara

My name is Emma Gómara and I am from Zaragoza, Spain.
Traveling is one of my passions, painting is the other one. Using acrylics, I am working in two collections.
One is the result of hours and hours snorkeling around the world. Friends have been my models, there are a lot of good experiences in these paintings under the water. Blues and greens are very important but the main role is for the human figure: how the light is reflected in the skin, how the figure is changed by optical effects under water…I use mainly acrylics with quick and wide brushstrokes to get overlaps and transparencies to this way recreate the effects of water.
The other collections comes from my observation of the individuals in my city, in Tokyo, in Berlin, in Los Angeles…I take pictures of the people around wherever I am and then use those pics to show them on canvas. Trying to focus on the character, most of the times backgrounds are blurred.
Since these people usually are tourist enjoying their vacation time, the is always a good mood transmitted from my paintings.


-Opendoor workshop 2016. Zaragoza, Spain.
-Painting in the Eduardo Lozano studio from 2000. Zaragoza, Spain.
-Upper course of Foundation Santa Maria Albarracin 2011: The figure in the landscape. Teruel, Spain.


2020 Corner MIZ exhibition, Zaragoza, Spain.
2020 Solo exhibition "Mariano de Pano", Zaragoza, Spain.
2016.” Immersion”. Joaquín Roncal Center Exhibition Hall. Barbasán CAI project Young Art. Zaragoza, Spain.


2020 Colective exhibition "Isabel de Portugal", Zaragoza, Spain.
2020 Colective exhibition "Arte_virtual 2020"
2019 Colective exhibition "Francisco de Pradilla 2019", Zaragoza, Spain.
2018 Collective exhibition " Cápsula 23", Zaragoza, Spain.
2016.” Immersion”. Joaquín Roncal Center Exhibition Hall. Barbasán CAI project. Zaragoza, Spain.
2016. “Immersion”. Espacio Visiones Exhibition Center. Zaragoza, Spain.
2016. Art Exhibition Hall ''Hotel Boston'' Zaragoza, Spain.
2011. Exhibition Hall Torre Blanca Albarracin, Teruel, Spain.
2015. Art Exhibition Hall “La senda del delirio”. Zaragoza, Spain.
2007. “Memories”. Maria Morena cultural space. Zaragoza, Spain.