En Chuen Soo

En Chuen Soo

Phoenix, AZ, United States

About En Chuen Soo

The basic of my artistry skill was inspired by the colorful children story books and manga books that I read during my childhood, which then developed by trials and errors through time. My favorite subjects included the figurative, floral, animals and landscape. Recently, I choose to paint without brush but spatula, palette knives and bare fingers only. With actions of flickering, dashing, dripping, flinging...and more which I fondly called Kung-Fu style, I have painted some stories of the desert wildflowers. The Wildchild series is the newest addition which is about her exploration in the rainforest. I have combined tonalism, fluidity and splattering in one body to construct my stories and surprisingly how harmonized they are. The art process is an integral learning institute as well as an amusement for me. It helps me to see past the pains and negative things in my life.

Art to me is inspirational, emotional, amusement and spiritually tranquility and I transpire these onto my artwork.

En Chuen Soo, is a Malaysian born artist who journeyed to The USA following her international romance and resides in Phoenix, Arizona. She was raised on an organic farm where creativity and appreciation for natural beauty were developed at a young age. Without a formal art academic background, she learned drawing and painting solely from trial and error. Art became an integral part of her life-long journey of learning and discovery.

Her artwork is in private collections throughout The USA, Australia, Canada, Europe, Mauritius and Malaysia. Through her art, she hopes to express the awareness and importance of healthy living and caring for our fragile environment and wildlife.


Diploma in Economics


-Emerson Gallery,
16930 E Palisades Blvd, Fountain Hills, AZ 85268, USA