Eric Needham

Eric Needham

Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

About Eric Needham

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I started taking an interest in photography when I was in my early teens back in 1947, after my farther had shown me his old 1/2 plate field camera made of mahogany with brass fittings he had used it in the 1920.
Over the following 70 years I have covered many subjects and different aspects of photography.
I have gained my knowledge by attending night school, conversing with other photographers, lots of trial and error, you gain a lot of experience in 70 years.
I am now 88 and not as agile as I used to be, so I now utilize my studio to produce my photographic images.
I utilize Light, Shape, Colour, Texture, Depth and Movement to create Bright, Colourful, Inspiring , Uplifting, Peaceful, Relaxing, Vibrant, Alive, Dynamic, Romantic, Comical and Thought Provoking images with Mood, Atmosphere and Feeling.
I know specialize in large prints on canvas, the smallest size is (90 cm x 90 cm) (35.5 ins x 35.5 ins).
The largest is (228 cm x 135 cm) (89.75 ins x 53 ins).
Please note all prints come with a 75 cm, 3 ins, border to allow for stretching on to a wood frame .
Most of my images are in three sizes - Small, Medium, Large.


My education was U/S as I am dyslexic, and in the 1930 /1940 it was not recognized, you were just thick.
So I left school when I was 14 not able to read or wright not a good start in life.
I am know 85 and still a little slow reading and writing but I have leaned a great deal about life.
Photography is my hobby, I started taking images when I was 15 in 1947, I have seen a lot of changes and advancements the dig one was the introduction of Digital Photography.