Erik Leeuwe

Erik Leeuwe

Granville, NY, United States

About Erik Leeuwe

Over the years, my work has grown to include a large variety of collected materials.
Plastics, textiles, papers and household paints, hair, feathers, foil and tape, or printed matter from the last
two centuries all find their way into my work.


Design Academy Eindhoven / Cum Laude
Eindhoven Netherlands

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1986 Stokker Stikker East Village NYC
1991 Galerie Van Kranendonk (Solo)
The Hague Netherlands
1992 'The Red Light Show' Casco
Utrecht Netherlands
1993 'Die Praxis'
Dusseldorf Germany
1994 'Strangers in the night'
Antwerp Belgium
2004 Studio Event
2006 Studio Event
2007 Studio Event
2016 MHR-80 The Hyde Museum
Glens Falls New York