María Eugenia Piacentini Veron

María Eugenia Piacentini Veron

, Spain

About María Eugenia Piacentini Veron

Self-taught and broaching a wide range of subjects, Eugenia trained in the La Palma Art School in Madrid and subsequently in the Francisco Alcántara School of Ceramics, having previously worked in a variety of disciplines including special effects.

She has exhibited both individually and collectively in Madrid, Valladolid, Coburg, Paris, Singapore and Munich and is currently seeking a window onto the world as a platform through which she can communicate her subconscious messages.
She concentrates on ceramics because she feels it is a spontaneous and faithful medium that allows her work to speak for itself, and considers herself as a cultural channel through which the world of ideas and magical expressions can be allowed to flow. The reality in which we live presents itself to her as the undiluted temptation to search for Truth through her work, perhaps in the search for existential doubts with an anthropological bias. Her focus on realism and tension through form is the audacious means by which she hopes to influence her audience. Her work is intended to both create and destroy empathies.



2015 - Art Shooping Carrousel du Louvre. Paris. Representada por Galería Art Cuestion (España)
Art Shooping Carrousel du Louvre. Paris. Represented by Art Cuestion Gallery (Spain).

2014 - FERIA DE ARTE DE SINGAPUR 2014, Hotel 5 estrellas Pan Pacific Singapore. Representada por Galería Art Cuestion (España)
BANK ART FAIR SINGAPORE 2014. 5 Star Pan Pacific Singapore Hotel. Represented by Art Cuestion Gallery (Spain).

2006 - INSTALACIÓN / GROUP EXHIBITION, organizado por Artistas por la Paz y la Federación Española de Artistas Plásticos - FERIA DE ARTE CONTEMPORÁNEO ARCALE, Valladolid, Spain.
ART INSTALLATIONS EXHIBITION, organized by Artists for Peace and Spanish Fine Artists Association - CONTEMPORARY ART FAIR, Valladolid, Spain,


2007 - Exposición permanente privada, Coburg, Alemania.
Private permanent exhibition, Coburg, Germany,

2005 - Africanos Surrealistas en el SALÓN DEL PRADO, organizado por la Comunidad de Madrid, Epaña./ Surrealistic Africans at SALÓN DEL PRADO CAFÉ, organized by the Community of Madrid, Spain.