Francesca Dalla Benetta

Francesca Dalla Benetta

Mexico City, Mexico

About Francesca Dalla Benetta

I'm available for commissions.
If you like some artwork that was sold, please let me know: I can make something special for you!


"My work is characterized by mixed anatomies and forms. Human faces and bodies are combined with different textures, skins and elements, giving birth to hybrid beings.

Through unusual, bizarre and surreal bodies, my work focuses on the issues of transformation, identity, sense of belonging, self perception and dreams, linking the actual world to a mythological and ancestral universe. I work with the idea of an unconventional beauty as a way of reflection about human values, suggesting different reactions and emotions, and the possibility to question our perceptions.

As an artist, I think that the most important task of art is to provoke new feelings and ideas, and finally evoke a change in the viewer. I mainly use sculpture because it is an immediate and direct language without abstraction or synthesis. The sculpture is inevitably honest, solid, hides nothing; It is a perfect tool for self-knowledge and for knowing each other, displaying the ability to contact with yourself."

I was born in Florence, Italy, in a hot summer day.
My childhood was filled with a grandmother that takes me around all the museums of the city and tells me all the wonderful stories of the life of great Renaissance artists. And when I’m not with grandma, I spent long afternoons drawing, painting or making small sculptures.
I was told that at the age of 4 years I made a series of portraits so impressively resembling to my entire family, that everybody pictured me as a future great famous artist.
Years later, when choosing high school, art school seems the most natural thing. Unfortunately mom and dad do not agree. What kind of a job is to be an artist? You don’t want to starve doing portraits in the church square!
Then, having no choice, I attended five years of Science High School, followed by the University, the Faculty of Physics. I’ve got the best grades but I’m not happy at all.

Unexpectedly in the mid of my studies and against the wishes of the parents, I decide out of the blue to leave the university to try to enter the prestigious Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, the secular Brera. The summer of 1999 begins my biggest and most challenging dream: studying art. So excited!
After four years, I graduated. With a trajectory of experimental research in the field of photography and video art, and no idea about my future, I started to fear my parents`prophecy… so I decide to get practical and devote myself to the world of cinema, specializing in set design and special make up.
I move to Rome in order to continue working in a special effects studio. A new adventure was beginning: I was lucky enough to work in is Black Dahlia of Brian De Palma as my very first project.

In 2006, the production of Apocalypto by Mel Gibson invited me to work in Mexico. Again, I picked up the ball and moved to the other side of the world full of expectation. I was growing! I sharpened my skills as a sculptor working for several years in local film projects.
But the rebellion that made me stop Physics and the curiosity that leads me always to explore new things, made me once again change direction: I decide to dedicate myself to sculpture and in 2011 I had my first solo show in Mexico City, followed by many other exhibitions in international galleries and museums. Joy Joy Joy!

My work is now part of numerous private collections and has been reviewed by countless newspapers, trade magazines and television programs. Meanwhile I started teaching special effects and sculpture, finding another great love, education: I have a great art education system based on practical presencial classes and online course for who lives far away.

And, more excited every day of my adventurous journey, I go one step after the other towards new achievements!

PD: in case you was wondering… my parents stopped picturing me doing portraits in the church square a few years ago… and me too!


- 2003 University degree in Fine Arts and Art History. Academia di Brera, Milano, Italia. Final Graduation: 110/110 cum Laude. Thesis Hypothesis about the Hybridacion and Cyborg as contemporary monster

- 2005 6-months apprenticeship in Special Make Up Effect Studio Rocchetti & Sodano, Roma, Italia

- 2004 Special Effect Course, Cinelife, Milano.


- - Metaforas del Ser, Galeria Oscar Roman, México City, 2019
- Disfraces e Identidad, Galería Aguafuerte, México City, 2018
- La persona y el paisaje, dúo con Natasha Gray, Espacio y Lugar, México City 2017
- Anatomia del Sogno, Traeger&Pinto Arte Contemporaneo, México City 2015
- Sogni, memorie e fantasie, Casa de arte Malaga, México D.F. 2015
- Identitá transitorie (gira), Universidad Iberoamericana, México City 2015
- Identitá transitorie, Fundación Sebastian, México City 2014
- Ricordi dl sogno, FES, Cuautitlan Izcalli, México 2014
- Anatomias Oniricas, Parque de las esculturas, Cuautitlan Izcalli, México 2014
- Le petit théâtre, Taak, evento fusion arte y moda, México City 2013
- La Piel de las Flores, Morbido Film Festival, Patzcuaro, Michoacan, México 2013
- Memorie della vita di qualcun altro, Traeger y Pinto, México City 2013
- Corpo Brutto, Museum of Tampico, Tamaulipas, México Julio 2013
- Festival Marvin, camellon de Alvaro Obregon, Col Roma, México City 2013
- Santos, Brujas y Otros Animales, LaVampStore, México City 2012
- Bellissime sconfitte, Bellissime Conquiste, Galería Aguafuerte México City 2012
- Belleza no convencional, Galería José María Velasco, México City 2011
- Taller en vida, 75ocolor, México City 2011


El Cuerpo, Galeria Oscar Roman, 2018
Mundos Imaginarior, por Art Cage Condesa, Galeria Oscar Roman, 2018
Paralelas Contemporáneas X, Galeria Oscar Roman, 2017
- Layered, Contemporary 33, Curated by Sergio Gomez, Zhou B Center, Chicago, 2017
- Transitio, Art Cage Condesa, México D.F. 2016
- Intersecciones, Galeria Curie, México D.F. 2016
- Una mirada al arte contemporaneo, Centro deportivo Israelita, México D.F. 2016
- Nudo Interior, Art Cage Condesa, México D.F. 2016
- Dia Mundial del Arte, Centro de México Contemporaneo, México D.F. 2016
- Con M de México y de Mujer, tribunal de Justicia Federal, México City 2015
- Habemus Art, Centro de México Contemporaneo, México City 2015
- Collettiva Estiva 2014, Pikidi Arte, Cremona, Italy 2014
- Who art you, Ex Fornace, Milan Italy 2014
- Animales impuros, Galería Aguafuerte México City 2014
- Aproximacion del fin, CC186, Cultura Colectiva, México City 2013
- Biosintetizarte 2.0, Casa de la Ciencia, Cuernavaca, Morelos, México 2012
- Past Forward, Museum of Bassano del Grappa, Italy 2012
- Luxury Aesthetic, Neuroblasto Mag y La Villa Punk, México City 2012
- Surrealismo, White Spider, México D.F. 2012
- Doble Andante, El Palomar del Minoturo, México City 2012
- Sexy, Ex Teresa Arte Actual, México City 2012
- Invasión Arte Urbano, Centro Indy Rock, México City 2011
- Tzompantli, exhibición colectiva, Vértigo Gallería, México City 2011
- BIOsintetizARTE, Casa de la Ciencia, Cuernavaca, Morelos, México 2011
- Elucubraciones, Neuroblasto Magazine y galería La 77, México City 2011

Teacher of Special Effects, caracterization and Sculpture in Idip, Instituto de Diseño de Imagen Profesional, México City.
- Professional sculptor and make up designer in the Film Industry, Mexico and Italy (Apocalipto, Black Dalia, Somos lo que hay, Bajo la sal, Potosí, Chalan, Buitres, Vampiros y Hombre Lobos, Cefalopodo, Navidad Sa, Cinco días sin Nora, La bestia nel cuore, The king in yellow)