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Wichert van Engelen

Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands


With FrozenSteel as name, Wichert van Engelen makes bronze and steel sculptures in the Openbare Werkplaats Amsterdam.

Wichert is not a conceptual artist. He stands for craftsmanship as an inseparable part of being an artist. Wichert realizes his bronze sculptures entirely himself: from concept /...


Crossroads thumb

Sculpture4.9 W x 3.9 H x 3.3 D in

Juvenile Heron thumb

Sculpture11.4 W x 15 H x 11.4 D in

Delicate Mushrooms on Oak thumb

Sculpture3.1 W x 4.7 H x 3.1 D in

Black Swan thumb

Sculpture7.1 W x 4.3 H x 3.5 D in

Exploded Air thumb

Sculpture2.8 W x 6.7 H x 2.8 D in

Prints from $40

Winter Landscape thumb

Sculpture8.7 W x 5.1 H x 4.7 D in

Prints from $40

Spiral wood thumb

Sculpture3.1 W x 12.2 H x 2.8 D in

Prints from $40

NOW it's ART thumb

Sculpture5.9 W x 6.7 H x 1.8 D in

Prints from $40

Hot Bell Pepper thumb

Sculpture2.4 W x 11.8 H x 2.2 D in

Prints from $40

The Love Letter thumb

Sculpture15.7 W x 12.6 H x 15.7 D in

Prints from $40

Eternal Smile thumb

Sculpture6.7 W x 5.9 H x 3.5 D in

Prints from $40

It's a Knot, is it not? thumb

Sculpture5.5 W x 7.5 H x 5.1 D in

Prints from $40

Underworld thumb

Sculpture4.3 W x 4.3 H x 4.3 D in

Fresh Green thumb

Sculpture3.9 W x 11.4 H x 3.9 D in

Prints from $40

The Hole thumb
The Hole


Sculpture6.3 W x 5.5 H x 3.5 D in

Dark Forest thumb

Sculpture9 W x 9 H x 3.5 D in

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inside the studio

Slide 0

Welding on one of my steel sculptures

Slide 1

Pouring the hot bronze. Utmost concentration!

Slide 2

Lifting the crucible out of the oven

Slide 3

Ceramic shell method.

Slide 4

Forming the plaster mould.

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