Frans Muhren

Frans Muhren

Amsterdam, Europe, Netherlands

About Frans Muhren

Since 1975 I have been working in all kinds of materials trying to find out what is the best way to articulate my personal themes: movement (the suggestion of), contradictions (such as heavy and light, convexe and concave, abstract and epic)and the possibilities of matter.


Gerrit Rietveld Academy Amsterdam 1970-1975, Sculpture


Selection of exhibitions:

1990 Foundation Via in Artes, Valkenswaard (NL)
1990 ABK (=Amsterdam Sculptors Collective),
Amsterdam (solo)
1991 Old Town Hall, Aalsmeer (NL) (solo)
1992 Heineken Gallery, Amsterdam
1992/1994 BKM (= Art Manifestations Group)
Slotervaart Hospital, Amsterdam
1993 ABK, Amsterdam (solo)
1993 Historical Garden, Aalsmeer (NL)
1995 ABK, Gardens Castle of Zeist (NL)
1995 BKM 'Eighteen sculptures on the
Nieuwmarkt', Amsterdam
1996 ABK KunstRAI 96 (Amsterdam)
1996/1997/1998 Centre d'Art Contemporain,
Château de Bussières, France
1997 The Dutch Society of Sculptors, Amsterdam
1997/1998/1999 'City sculptures', Emmen (NL)
1997 BKM 'City Manifestation', Hoofddorpplein,
1999 'Cats and dogs in art', Old Town Hall,
Aalsmeer (NL)
2001 'Traveling', Old Town Hall, Aalsmeer (NL)
2001 Historical Garden, Old Town Hall, Aalsmeer
(NL) (solo)
2006 Old Town Hall, Hoofddorp (NL) (solo)
2010 Dynamic ART Delta, Zeeland (NL)
2012 'Art and Craft in Metal', Art Lend,
Alkmaar (NL)
2012 'Work in progress', Lis Gallery, Heusden
2013 'Urban imagination', Grachtengalerie
2014 'Color is chaos', Nassau 42 Fine Arts, Antwerp (Belgium)
2015 'Crème Solaire', Nassau 42 Fine Arts, Antwerp (Belgium)
2015 'Tour de ART', Galerie Sille, Oudewater (NL)