Galina Khabarova

Galina Khabarova

Stavropol, Stavropol region, Russia

About Galina Khabarova

Galina Khabarova’s works are abstract in nature and are created on canvas anew each time in the process of intuitively following her imagination, in most cases without any preliminary sketches.
The paintings are presented to the viewer as multi-layered diverse images with a rich texture and complex color pattern, in which the one can imagine the play of light and shadow, reflections in water, landscapes, blurry outlines of figures and their interaction. The paintings are open to any interpretation and everyone can see something personal in them.
Acrylic, a fast-drying paint, requires thoughtful, clear and quick actions, but this same feature of the paint is the basis of Galina’s favorite technique — “rubbing” paint strokes into a dense multi-layer film, creating a complex colorful pattern that gives the finished artwork a multi-dimensional depth and saturation, rhythm and direction, makes the paint “glow”, and the viewer’s eye — unconsciously see movement. A favorite working tool is an ordinary plastic card that has sufficient and necessary size and flexibility. The artist also uses many other tools, both traditional (palette knife, brush) and unusual (pancake spreader).
Galina’s path to painting was long, but each step left its mark on her artistic style, defining and shaping it year after year. Born in Dushanbe she was surrounded by art at an early age: her father was interested in metal stamping, wood carving, sculpture and photography, constantly inviting home his friends — artisans and artists — to work together and discuss art. In the early 90’s, Galina went with her parents to Russia, where her family settled in Stavropol after a series of moves. She was lucky to have a school and teachers who, very rare for that time, tried to give new skills and strongly supported the passion for art in their students, teaching them new art techniques. After graduating from the Institute with a degree in Advertising, Galina immediately plunged back into the creative world, starting with photography. In the late 2000s, she became a professional graphic designer and later started drawing commercial illustrations. Galina’s interest in calligraphy, with special preference to the technique of writing with a broad pen and expressive calligraphy with a cola pen, developed confident firm strokes and the method of working with paint by rubbing, determining her future creativity.
In 2017, finally realizing herself as an artist, she opened the world of painting, realizing a long-standing dream.


2003 Personal Drawing lessons, Stavropol
2003–2008 North Caucasus Social Institute, Advertising, Stavropol
2008 Personal Graphic Design lessons, Stavropol
2010 Personal Photography and Composition lessons, Stavropol
2013 Personal Calligraphy lessons, Krasnodar
2015 Yuko Shimizu’s Ink Drawing Online Class, Certificate
2020 In the Studio: Postwar Abstract Painting, MoMA online course, Certificate


2020 The François Schneider Foundation "CONTEMPORARY TALENTS " 10th Edition competition participant.


2021, March 07 — April 18, group exhibition, Gallery “ZDES na Taganke”, Moscow, Russia

2020, September 24— October 11, "2020" group exhibition, MAS Gallery, Novorossiysk, Russia

2020, September 04—10, "SINGLE BODY" group exhibition, Boomer Gallery, London, United Kingdom

2020, September 02—13 , "How I spent Summer. 2020" group exhibition, MOLBERT Gallery, Saint Petersburg, Russia

2020, August 06 — October 11, “Kryukrinoksy” group exhibition, Gallery “ZDES na Taganke”, Moscow, Russia