Garret Suhrie

Garret Suhrie

Mechanicsburg, PA, United States

About Garret Suhrie

I am a wanderer and photographer, and my home is on the road. A lifetime ago, I went to school for painting and art history which was a huge influence on my photography. I focus mainly on long exposures and painting with light; I simply traded in my paintbrush for a flashlight. Beauty doesn't fade with the sun and the night often adds a mysterious and magical element to the scenery, a peculiar feeling which I try to fuse into my work, using light and its absence to capture the surreality of dreams. Said a bit less pretentiously, I'm just a guy who loves walking in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night, trying to capture that strange and share a view of the world often unseen.


My formal education was at Tyler School of Art / Temple Uni. - B.A.'s in Studio Art & Art History w/ minor in Photography.

My real education happen at David LaChapelle's studio in Los Angeles, where I worked for 5 years after graduating, starting as intern and exiting as studio manager, working a variety of job in between, from production to retouching, lighting and digital tech to coordinating exhibitions on the ground around the world. It was an amazing experience and I continually learned more in a week than in my years of college.


Daimler Art Collection - Berlin
AEG Worldwide / Ritz-Carlton - LA
Smithsonian Castle - Washington D.C.
Photog. of the Year - Professional Photographer Magazine - 2013

Photog. of the Year - Professional Photographer Magazine - 2013
Maybach Mentor Foundation Award w/ David LaChapelle


Smithsonian Nat'l Museum - "Nature's Best" - 2019
Blecicher/Gorman Gallery - MOPLA Presents 'Multicity' - Bergamot Station - Santa Monica - 2016
LaFayette City Center - 'Sky' - Griffin Museum of Photography - Boston - 2015
DCA Fine Art Gallery - 'The Sound of Shape' Los Angeles - 2014
Blecicher/Gorman Gallery - MOPLA Presents 'Photography of the Spectacular' - Bergamot Station - Santa Monica - 2014
Story of the Creative - Angel Orensanz Foundation - NYC - 2013
ADC Contemporary - MOPLA Presents 'Tree' - Bergamot Station - Santa Monica - 2013
PhotoLA - 'Emerging Focus' - Los Angeles - 2012
Curated by APA-LA - 'Off the Clock' - Culver City - 2012
Daimler Center of Excellence - Stuttgart, Germany - 2011
Maybach ArtWalk - St. Moritz Art Masters Festival - Switzerland - 2011
Los Angeles Art Show - Ritz Carlton Residences - 2011
Groundfloor Gallery - 'Lumiere' - Los Angeles - 2011
Chest Lumpaz - St. Moritz Art Masters Festival - Switzerland - 2010
Smithsonian Castle, National Mall - Washington D.C. - 2010
Spring Arts Gallery - 'Phantasmagoria' - Los Angeles - 2009
Create:Fixate - 'Perspective's Mystery' - Los Angeles - 2008