Jerry DiFalco

Jerry DiFalco

Philadelphia, PA, United States

About Jerry DiFalco

Imagery and storyline—both vital components of my creative process—enable me to create a form of visual poetry. Consequently, photography is intricate to my artistic strategy, especially with regard to my etchings. In view of this, many of my printed images—accomplished via the studio techniques of intaglio, aquatint, drypoint, and Chine collè—originate from my own photographs, as well as ones I uncover during research into the archives of academia, historical societies, and museums. Upon locating a scene that fascinates me, I first sketch a few original drawings of the likeness, and next transfer that drawing onto my prepared zinc etching plate. NOTE: In my etchings that incorporate the Chine collè process, I use mulberry bark paper from Thailand, which is infused with Japanese kozo threads. The paper is also treated with methylcellulose. I endeavor to establish links between the metaphysical and physical worlds . . . between the realms of dream and reality . . . and between the natural and the fabricated. In a sense, I believe that art unveils everything that we mask behind our assumptions and biases . . . or rather, those realms we neglect—or refuse—to perceive. My label for our failure to examine these areas is, “The Phenomenology of Non-Connectedness", which I blame on today’s communicational tools such as Social Media, the Internet, texting on smart phones, and “tweeting”.
I work on metal etching plates treated with both hard and soft grounds. These grounds consist of mineral spirits, beeswax, oil of spike lavender, and other natural substances. After these grounds dry, I draw images with needles and other tools onto the plate. Next, the exposed areas are “etched into” the zinc or copper plate in a bath of Nitric Acid and spring water. An artist’s proof in then printed after the plate is cleaned; Moreover, two to seven additional plate workings, acid baths, and proof printings occur before my desired effect is obtained. When satisfied with my end result, I apply oil based etching ink onto the clean plate and then remove the excess ink with several wipes. Next, I align my etching plate onto the printing press bed and cover it with papers and press blankets. Finally, the plate goes through the press to obtain my print. This process is repeated until all editions are created. I usually create three to five editions of five or six etchings for each one of my plates. (NOTE—I use a floor-model, industrial press manufactured in New York City by Charles Brand.)
The studio techniques I employ include: Intaglio; Aquatint; Drypoint; and Chine collè. The last technique referenced uses mulberry bark paper from Thailand infused with Japanese kozo threads and hand-treated with methylcellulose. I also work in monoprinting and experimental/new media printmaking. My interests in creating art include: Archaeology; Architecture; Art History; Cinema; Comparative Religion; Ecology; Gender Studies; Feminism, Magic; Mysticism; Prehistoric Art, Mythology; Politics; War; and, Human Conflict. I also work in the abstraction of imagery as a visual realm in its own entitlement.
I was born and raised in Camden, New Jersey, one of the poorest cities in the USA. I have lived in San Diego, New York City and Madrid (Spain) before moving to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Currently, and since 2009, I work at the Fleisher Art Memorial Campus (700 Block of Catharine Street) in their Open Studio In Printmaking (in The Center For Works On Paper, 705 Christian Street). I monitor the studios and also act as an Artist’s Mentor for Professional Printmakers there.
AWARDS RECEIVED (partial list):
2009 - City of Philadelphia Award in Arts and Culture;
2001 - An Grant in Painting from The Pollock-Krasner Foundation in New York City for $30,000;
1992 - Fellowship Grant in Painting from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts;
1987 – Fellowship Grant in Education from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts;
1974 - Rutgers U Award in Creative Writing


MS Degree, Drexel University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1985.
B.A. In Visual Fine Arts (Concentration in Sculpture), Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA in 1974.


* DiFalco in Group Show, "INTERPRETATIONS"; Long Beach Island Arts Foundation, Loveladies, New Jersey: July 17-Aug 15, 2021. Reception: July 17, 5-7PM.
* DiFalco in Group Show, "8th Annual Catholic Biennial"; Saint Vincent College, Latrobe, Pennsylvania, Sept 6-Oct 29, 2021. Reception: Sept 12.
* Monitor/Mentor, Open Studio in Etching, Fleischer Art, 2009–Present;
* Resident Artist, Taller Puerrtorriqueño, 1998;
* Art Teacher, Philadelphia Museum of Art, 1994-1998;
Alabama (Huntsville); Connecticut (New Brittan); California (Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento, San Francisco, Santa Clara); Delaware (Rehoboth Beach, Shelbyville, Wilmington); Florida (Miami Beach, Miami, Sanibel Island, Sarasota, St. Petersburg); Georgia (Atlanta, Savannah); Hawaii (Honolulu); Illinois (Chicago, South Barrington); Louisiana (New Orleans); Maryland (Baltimore); Maine; (Camden, Portland); Massachusetts (Boston); New Jersey (Atlantic City, Beverly, Camden, Cape May, Haddonfield, Princeton, Stratford, Wyckoff); New York (Croton-On-The-Hudson, Ithaca, New York City, Scarsdale, Shelter Island; Ohio (Akron); Oregon (Portland); Pennsylvania (Bryn Mawr, Harrisburg, New Hope, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Radnor); Rhode Island (Bristol, Newport, Warwick); Tennessee (Nashville); Texas (Austin, Houston); Vermont (Millbrook); Virginia (Richmond); Washington (Seattle); Washington D.C.
Argentina (Buenos Aires); Canada (Quebec, Toronto); China (Hong Kong); Cuba (Havana); England (Bath, Bristol, Feering, London); France (Chartres, Paris); Germany (Berlin); Holland (Amsterdam); Hungary (Budapest); Italy (Florence, Rome); Lebanon (Beirut); Peru (Lima); Scotland (Glasgow); Spain (Barcelona, Madrid, Tarragona); United Arab Emirates (Dubai).


2021 “Stations of the Cross”, Phila Episcopal Cathedral
2020 "CRUCIFIXION ALTAR PIECE". Philadelphia Episcopal Cathedral, PA
2016 “ETCHINGS”, Beach Museum, Alagoas, BRAZIL;
2013 Institute ContemporaryArt, GrandRapids, MI;
2012 The Philadelphia Episcopal Cathedral, Phila, PA;
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"I Saw Paris", Cape Cod Art Center, Falmouth, MA.
"33rd Annual Natl' Works on Paper, Lake Charles, LA
"Possibilities" Kenny Inst, Minneapolis, MN
2019 “Small Works”, Washington Printmakers, D.C.
“Possibilities”, Kenny Inst, Minneapolis, MN
“Salon de Refuses”, Imperfect Gallery, Phila, PA.
"STARWHEEL ART", Trenton Fine Arts Center, NJ
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2018 “Naked in New Hope, Sidetracks Gallery, PA (also
in 2017, 16, 15, 14, 13, & 2012)
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