Gimena Herrera

Gimena Herrera

Barcelona, Cataluña, Spain

About Gimena Herrera

About the portraits

With these paintings I attempt to find the motives that draw my perception in order to create striking images
by my personal understanding of shape and palettes. Portraiture allows me to freely explore the endless
possibilities of human representation, and different aesthetics without any preconceptions. I can combine
certain colours that, despite not being literal, let me take to another level of realism. I´m curious about finding
the attributes that make every person unique and special.



First prize young artist at ¨X National Painting Prize Central Bank¨. Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2017.

Mention at ¨Vittal Art 2017¨ at Gallery Modos, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Mention at ¨XXII Palermo Viejo Painting Competition¨ at Gallery Central Newbery, Buenos Aires, 2016.

Collective shows

¨Incart 2018¨, 2018, Mallorca, Spain.

¨ Visual Arts Competition 2017¨, National Arts Fund, 2018, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

¨X National Painting Prize Central Bank¨at the Central Bank Museum, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2017.

¨Summer collective¨ en Espai b, Barcelona, Spain, 2017.

¨Vittal art 2017¨ at Modos Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2017.