Giuseppe Cocco

Giuseppe Cocco

Roma, Italia, Italy

About Giuseppe Cocco

I was born in 1957, in Rome, where I grew up and live.
M ° Photographer Artist since 1977; 40 years as a resilient traveler in Italy, my Penisolabella artistic project continues as a Slow and Solitary Southernist Wandering Artist in smART working, I narrate with photography and watercolor TRAVELS IN ITALY with ART, with my Grand ARTours in minor Italy with a capital M, the largest widespread emotional garden, making concrete, with synaesthetic images, the emotions, beauties and atmospheres of Italy MUSEUM WITH A VIEW.

My work is passion and raison d'etre, it is not my job or profession, but my life.
As a Creative I put together my artistic passions for photography and painting, creating my digital watercolors, thanks to the computer, spreading and selling them thanks to the internet.

I create images of Italian villages, architectures, landscapes and territories, moving only by train, bus and on foot, with a pipe or a Tuscan cigar in my mouth, cameras around my neck, capturing, interpreting and narrating atmospheres, emotions, thoughts on the beauty of Forgotten Italy.
My artistic career began in the 70s, as a photographer, philosopher, creative; ascetic, meditative, contemplative, visionary, slow, calm and patient by birth and by choice, I live and travel slowly; I practice meditative and creative idleness, aesthetic aesthetic pauses; 5 senses + 3 mind spirit of the heart, I observe, contemplate, meditate, abandoning the noise of words, narrating narrative and evocative power with synesthetic images.

NOT RICH, BUT ONLY USEFUL AND HAPPY, I would like my art to be an ambassador of beauty and improve life, becoming popular by spreading among people; I look for and tell about beauty, with the hope that my gaze can stimulate a new awareness and visual perception, helping to improve "the aesthetics and ethics of everyday life" and, therefore, the quality of life, for a world best.

Borzone de Signorio Sabelli, I come from a family of which I have illustrious ancestors including, the painters Luciano Borzone (Genoa 1590-1645) and the sons and pupils Giovanni Battista Borzone, Carlo Borzone and Giovanni Francesco Maria Borzone (Genoa 1625-1679), painter and astronomer called to France in 1656 to fresco the castle of Vincennes (Lagrange); his uncle artist, painter, Luigi Ottavio Borzone de Signorio Sabelli; cousin of the paternal grandmother of Catanzaro, Mimmo Rotella.

I am inspired by Italian architects and landscape painters: Giovanni Battista Piranesi, Giovanni Segantini, Giovanni Antonio Canal (Canaletto), Giovanni Boldini, Bernardo Bellotto, Francesco Guardi; the Macchiaioli: Silvestro Lega, Giovanni Fattori, Telemaco Signorini; to the Impressionists: Claude Monet, Paul Cézanne; to watercolors Ettore Roesler Franz, William Turner, Johann Wolfgang Goethe himself and the more recent Aldo Riso; and again: Giorgio Morandi, Amedeo Modigliani, Vasilij Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Edward Hopper, Jan Vermeer; Albrecht Durer.
Among the photographers, certainly of architecture and landscape, some of whom are contemporary colleagues and "competitors", Gabriele Basilico, Mimmo Jodice and Luigi Ghirri; while for rural and anthropological photography, his friend Mario Cresci.


Lecturer visiting lecturer of theory, technology, analogue / digital and history of photography at the Free Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and Aleppo.


9/10 June 2012
shows RomaINCerealia at the Farmers Market Coldiretti in Rome

2/12 May 2012
Participation in the exhibition "Photographically" at the gallery La Pigna Rome

June 11, 2011
I participate as Penisolabella and as a photographer Brunch Cerealia with an exhibition entitled "The wheat declined in all latitudes and cultures" at Terminal Gianicolo Rome

October 21, 2010
I participate in the exhibition that I conceived, entitled "Identity" at the showroom space Maecenas of Rome

June 14, 2008
Staff "Places - Host: remnants of waterfront" organized in collaboration with the Cultural Association "Anco Marzio" of Ostia Lido during the final evening of the International Prize "City of Ostia", at the Hotel Satellite Palace

27-28-29 April 2007
Collective "The Eyes of the soul" organized in collaboration with the Association "Culture Without Borders" at the Vittoriano - Rome

1-4 December 2007
"Barbarano in Memory" organized by the municipality of Barbarano Romano (VT)

9-19 April 2006
"Tarquinia, fantastic visions of a city suspended between Past and Present" Staff at Palazzo Bruschi headquarters of "La Lestra". Organized in collaboration with the Cultural and Artistic Association "La Lestra", the Agricultural University of Tarquinia and the University of Fine Arts in Rome.

23-12 - 2004 / 2-1 - 2005
Collective of Artists of the Free Academy of Fine Arts in Rome with pictures on the Territory of Tarquinia - Oratorio di S. Pancrazio - Tarquinia

12.22.2003 / 06.01.2004
Independent is the Culture of the City of Subiaco and Abbot of the Abbey of St. Scholastica and the Sacro Speco Benedictine organize and cure Photo exhibition on "The Benedictine monasteries in Europe" in the Rocca Abbey

May 2001
Collective on the Theme of the Horse at the Castello di Bassano Romano (RM)

16/24 May 1980
Personal Entitled "Images of the Via Tiburtina Valeria from Rome to Pescara" the National Headquarters of the CTS in Rome

May 26, 1979
Staff at the Cultural Center "The Tomorrow" in the gallery of the Great Bear at Lido di Roma