Guus Lamoen

Guus Lamoen

Bussum, Noord Holland, Netherlands

About Guus Lamoen

There is nothing Guus likes to do more than fine-tuning his hamburger recipe, creating playlists on Spotify and commenting on late night news shows. He is obsessed by creating order when there is chaos and creating chaos when there is order. Some say he should be visiting the shrink on a regular basis. Guus doesn't. The constant flow of creativity that troubled him during some of his previous jobs now finds its way out en ends up on big empty canvasses and sheets of white paper.
Guus' intimate relationship with graphic novels may be the reason he uses strong lines and bright coloring. On the other hand, his experimental shading, composition and figures have been there his entire life. The journey to the ultimate picture is a long one and might never end. Please, hop on. There is lots to discover!


My Graphis Art studies brought me to advertising and graphic design. Just recently I found the need to create Fine Art. Now there is no way back.