Lydia Lee

Lydia Lee

Seoul, Seocho-gu, Seoul, South Korea

About Lydia Lee

I am currently working in Seoul.
I have been paying attention to the movement of rhythm for a long time. It is expressed in color. In the end, it is the key to be expressed with only one color, so I consider this to be precious and noble as it is a very difficult and difficult work. Since I was young, I have been interested in the work of invisible people and traces of the past, but discovering the rhythm is a very big theme in my work.

My paintings are purely abstract expressions made up of emotions. I try to express classic Baroque sculpture or Renaissance perspective in my paintings in a whole new way and inspire metaphors and imaginations in abstraction.
Behind my very confusing abstract work,Therefore, the power to complete my work is my subjective sense of order. I have a strong tendency to see this world as an object of desire. So, I feel intimacy in the baroque and natural phenomena of abrupt and somewhat exaggerated curves and quaint shapes.
It is of utmost importance for me to be completely immersed in drawing and to keep all senses open.

My favorite writers are Dostoevsky, Kafka, and Marcel Proust.
And movies love science fiction.
For me, art like a waterfall should always be powerful, absolute, and continuous.

" Lydia's abstract expressionist painting are visually arresting in their chaos, vivid colors, and rapid brushstrokes. "
- Rebecca Wilson, Saatchi Chief Curator


Certificate in Visual Art and Fine Arts.
1999 ~2002 Sung shin Women's University , BFA .Seoul
2005~ 2009 Sung shin Women's University, MFA .Seoul

Sources of Inspiration : Ernesto Neto , Joan Snyder , Joan Mitchell , Lorenzo Bernini , Caravaggio


2021 Saatchi art , The Other Art Fair The Los Angeles Virtual Editions Fair
2021 Saatchi art New Voice Artist
2020 Malong Global Agency ,Excellence Prize winner
2020 Paddle8 Online Auction , USA
2020 CFA Artist of the Year Award,
granted Honorable Mention Award
2016 Art Gemini Prize finalist
2007 Selected Artist of Korea Electric Power Corporation


2020 "Color 2020", CICA museum , Korea
2020 'Already Auction' , Space55, Seoul
support by AHL Foudation (
2019 'The Other Art Fair', Los Angeles, USA
2019 Already a group exhibition, Seun Hall, Seoul
2016 ' Art Gemini Prize ' Asia house .London. England

2011 Residency, La Macina de San Cresci, Tuscany, Italy


2020 ' The future has not yet come ' space 55 gallery.
Seoul Korea

2018 ' The City ' Artie-vita gallery . Seoul Korea

2016 ' Knife ' Kiss gallery . Seoul Korea

2015 ' The Element ' Lotte Hotel gallery . Seoul Korea

2012 ' Suspended Motion ' Imazoo gallery . Seoul

2007 ' Play For the Garden ' Korea Electric Power .
Seoul Korea