Heidi Reinhardt

Heidi Reinhardt

Sachsenheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

About Heidi Reinhardt

I was always painting and drawing. Every day I do this.
Art and Fantasy are very important in my life. My works are telling storys of a world in which I live. Normally when I'm painting I am listening to music. Music leads my painting process. Like the early surrealists I don't really plan my works. Sometimes it is an experiment, happens. Things are emerging and one thing can lead to another.


1991 First Price and the creation of the exihibition poster of the exhibition "Bürger malen ihre Stadt" (Residents paint their city) Kulturverein Zehntscheuer e.V. Rottenburg am Neckar.
Long time I was regulary working in the health sector, but I always did art like posters or wallpaintings. I also love to draw and paint especially when travelling.

2000-2012 Painting and drawing education offered by the artists Thomas Kubisch, Livia Scholz-Breznay, Gerhard Schick, Prof. Jörg Bachhofer und Jan Bräumer
2013 I started a bachelor study in Hamburg which ended 2016 in a BA grade in Expressive Arts in Social Transformation with a specialisation in visual arts.

since 2017 I'm a free artist.


Art Projects
2014 April-September art project in a homeless accommodation. Spuren hinterlassen, Bahrenfeld-Wir machen Kunst.

2014 Mai Wallpainting and installation, working with the theme dementia - "Alles steht auf dem Kopf" Kunstklinik Martini, Veranstalter Kulturhaus Eppendorf.

2015 September-Dezember "Umoja Arts Project" im Umoja Training Center in Nungwi auf Sansibar/ Tansania. http://www.umoja-network.com/de/

2017 September Agendagestaltung bei den Coachingtagen der EAH in Jena


1991 "Bürger malen ihre Stadt", Kulturverein Zehntscheuer e.V. in Rottenburg am Neckar

2017 Kunsttage Durlach im Gewölbe des Rathauses in Karlsruhe - Durlach

2017 Ausstellung Re.Formatio mit Kunstwettbewerb in Linkenheim-Hochstetten

2018 Kunst & Lyrik in der Contemporary Art Gallery bei Sarah Haberkern im Art & Antik, Stuttgart

2018 ARTe (Kunstmesse) und Kunstpreis "Alles Illusion", Sindelfingen

2018 Gruppenausstellung fx-Künstler Karlsruhe im Rathaus in Weingarten (Baden)

2018 Einzelausstellung mit Haberkern Contemporary Art Galerie im Café Moulu, Stuttgart.