Hilary Winfield

Hilary Winfield

Asheville, NC, United States

About Hilary Winfield

Hilary Winfield is an award-winning, innovative, contemporary fine artist, creating abstract paintings from both intuition and from the energy and inspiration that she absorbs from the world around her. Winfield’s studio is located in the River Arts District of beautiful Asheville, North Carolina.

Winfield derives inspiration from the various elements in nature. From the aging wood of a fallen tree, the peeling paint on the floor of an industrial warehouse, or patterns of water droplets on rusted metal, the vision comes to life through her art. She notices magic everywhere, often in unanticipated places. Winfield experiments with various methods of infusing texture and illumination to create beautiful, interesting, and unique artwork.

Hilary Winfield’s art is internationally collected and displayed across the world. Her award winning pieces can be found in galleries, museums, commercial offices, and residential homes. Her extensive portfolio has an energizing vitality while simultaneously portraying depth and balance.