hila sali

hila sali

Yoq'neam Hamoshava, Israel

About hila sali

Born 1973 in Yokneam moshava, Israel. Live and work in Yokneam moshava.
I started painting when I was young and didn't stop from then.
My art draws from the world around me, from the objects surrounding me and from events in my life. I work with oil colours and paint on various backgrounds - plywood, cardboard and canvass.


2013 Haifa University, MFA
2009 Master class - Leonid Balaklav, Jerusalem
2006 Hamidrasha School of Art, BED


Solo and Two Person Exhibitions
2012 "Work in Progress", Haifa Art Museum
2011 "Steel Water", Alfred Gallery Tel Aviv

Selected Group Exhibitions
2013 Bat Yam Museum of Art
2010 "Getting lost in the wood". Ehrlich Gallery of Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv
Pyramida Center for Contemporary Art, Haifa "To Dream Reality?"
2008 "Night and Day", Gilit Fisher Gallery of Contemporary Art Tel Aviv