manuel cadag

manuel cadag

Legazpi City, Albay, Philippines

About manuel cadag

I am a home-based freelance Graphic Artist / Children’s book illustrator for almost two decades, getting works from different links of freelancer sites. Presently living in Albay, Legazpi Philippines. I took up some units in college with a major in B.S. Architecture and I reached 5th year, I was not able to take board exam in Architecture due to financial problems during my studies and a conflict of studying Fine Arts.

But due to my love in Art, I just recently started to paint as a self taught painter. I have a free time to study arts online with the use of powerful internet that inspired me to paint more.
I was inspired with the works of the realist masters like William-Adolphe Bouguereau, Michael Angelo, Rafael and to name a few. I also inspired too much by the works of impressionist Claude Monet and also inspired by the works of our local artists like Fernando Amorsolo, Jose Blanco, Botong Francisco and others. I love to paint using oil paint and acrylic paints.

I love to paint anything..most specially figurative realism. Sometimes I created my own concept and study how to layout my subject. My day is incomplete without painting any piece I liked for this day

I am inviting you to explore and experience my internal world of feelings through my art. As it is a very personal world, it cannot be seen anywhere else, and thereby, I hope, I could give you a unique experience of a different sort of art. My passion in art is so vibrant. Art for me is everything that embedded deeply in my heart.

I also accept commission art just email or message me and let’s talk about the ART you like.

Thanks for reading.


B.S.Architecture 5th year (undergraduate)


2005, Amman Jordan group exhibit, 2nd price winner in Karangahan Festival 2012 Art contest.


2012 karangahan festival, Legazpi city, Philippines and won 2nd prize.2013 group exhibit at Legazpi City Hall