Christina Hedlund

Christina Hedlund

Stockholm, Sweden

About Christina Hedlund

Born in Sweden, Soderhamn 1952
Since 1972 living in Stockholm

Artist´s Statement 3 October 2017

My work is about emotion and rhythm. It is not music, but colours also have a tune and can be repetitive, playful or heavy loaded. The world of materials always in a process of decay and transformation.
I don´t use sketches but start directly on the paper or canvas with a multitude of colours, creating a chaos, and my work is about solving this chaos into a structure and a rhythm. Taking away what I find not useful, adding sometimes forms, changing colours a lot, letting the picture go wherever. Ending up as crap or a picture that surprises me.
I am inspired by literature and music as well as painting. Anything “accurately “ formulated. Gerhard Richter is a painter I much appreciate. The rytm of the sun, the moon and the beat of the rain, the heart.
I wish my audience to find their own way into my painting. To look once, twice, for some time, and see different things, some detail. Get inspired to live and let live.


Konstfackskolan, Collage of art Stockholm,
University of Stockholm
EdX Harvard Buddhism through its scriptures


Dynamiczny solo show Studio44 Stockholm
10!/1 - 2/2 2020
1/1 2020 Member of Studio 44 Stockholm, an artists owned and ruined gallery.


Separate shows
Konstnärshuset Stockholm Saturday 12 mars 2016, 12-16 hours
Book release and one day show

Bollnäs Konsthall “Riken” 2014 with Sarah Rowland
Kvarnen Söderhamn “Asp Månsken” 2012 with Anna Lindkvist Adolfsson
Galleri Tersaeus Stockholm “Origin” 2009
Tekniska Nämndhuset Stockholm 2007
Vallentuna Bibliotek 2005
URs Konstförening Stockholm 2003
Folkkulturcentrum Stockholm ”Places” 2003
Galleri Athena Farsta Strand 2001
Galleri Tersaeus Stockholm ”Cows of heaven” 2001
Village Bakery Sebastopol CA U.S.A 1997
Porthuset Serafen Stockholm “All those who come and go”” 1986
Händer Stockholm “Hearts” 1982
Händer Stockholm 1980

Selection of group shows
Eskilstuna Konstmuseum 4 -13 juni Redovisning "Tvärsnittet" further studies at Konstfack Stockholm
Edsvik Konsthall “World of Watercolours” 2014
International Biennal Pastel exhibition Nowy Sącz Poland 2013
Väsby Konsthall “Vintersalong” Upplands Väsby 2012
ID:I Galleri “Det sublima, döden och cykeln” Stockholm 2012
Art Fair Sollentuna, Studio Enkehuset 2008
Handelsbanken S:t Eriksplan Stockholm 2005
International Biennal Pastel Exhibition Nowy Sącz Poland 2004
Art Fair Älvsjö, European Art Networks 2004
Väsby Konsthall “Akvarellsalong” Upplands Väsby 2004
”Spirit in Art” University Stockholm 1999
Galleri Der Kaiser ist Tod Kopenhagen 1986