Anna Inkova

Anna Inkova

Minsk, Belarus

About Anna Inkova

Anna Inkova is a contemporary Belarusian artist. She works in the genre of park, monumental, and easel sculpture mainly in bronze and granite. Anna is a successor to a dynasty of artists. Her father is the famous Belarusian sculptor Mikhail Inkov. In the indoor sculpture category, Anna Inkova prefers the animalistic genre and captures the nature of the subject animal with amazing accuracy which stems from years of lengthy observations. Influenced by the art of Ancient Egypt, the sculptor achieves not only rich expressiveness of lines but also clarity and authenticity of movements. In her search for a figurative language to convey animal psychology, Anna Inkova started creating portraits of cats and dogs. Experimenting with composition dynamics, the artist creates both truly realistic and more allegorical, generalized images. Anna Inkova places special emphasis on the decorative features of bronze: patina becomes an additional instrument of artistic expression and a distinctive feature of her technique, which, along with the deliberate roughness and shading of the surface, makes up for the natural coldness of the material. The search for new figurative solutions and bold experimentation with technology and color in formal compositions within the framework of modern eclectic culture have make Anna Inkova one of the most promising contemporary sculptors in Belarus.


1979 born in Minsk

1994 - 1998 studied at Minsk State Art College named after A. Glebov

1998 - 2004 studied at the Belarusian State Academy of Arts

2008 member of the Belarusian Union of Artists

Since 2009 Lecturer at the Department of Sculpture of Minsk State Art College named after A. Glebov


1997 Exhibition dedicated to the 50th anniversary of Minsk State Art College named after A. Glebov / Palace of Art, Minsk
2001 New Names / Palace of Art, Minsk
2004 Our Little Friends / University of Culture Gallery, Minsk
2007 New Time / Palace of Art, Minsk
2008 Balagan / Jena
2009 Debut / Palace of Art, Minsk
2009 Art of Modeling / National Library, Minsk
2009 Earth Day / Pushkin Library, Minsk
2009 My Name is… Sculpture / Artblik Gallery, Minsk
2010 Youth 2010 / Palace of Art, Minsk
2010 2nd Biennale of Belarusian Art / Palace of Art, Minsk
2011 Enriching Each Other / National Center for Contemporary Arts, Minsk
2011 Youth 2011 / Palace of Art, Minsk
2011 Monumental Art of Belarus / Palace of Art, Minsk
2011 9th National Architecture Festival / Palace of Art, Minsk
2012 1st Triennial of Contemporary Arts / BelExpo, Minsk
2016 Year of Sculpture / Mikhail Savitsky Art Gallery, Minsk
2016 Prince Olgerd in the Visual Arts / Palace of Art, Minsk
2016 BI-5 / Palace of Art, Minsk
2017 The Structure of Art / Mikhail Savitsky Art Gallery, Minsk
2017 Autumn Salon with Belgazprombank / Palace of Art, Minsk
2018 Autumn Salon with Belgazprombank / Palace of Art, Minsk
2018 Postulate / Galleria Minsk Shopping Center, Minsk
2018 Republican Sculpture Exhibition / Mogilev Regional Arts Museum named after P. V. Maslennikov, Mogilev
2019 Art without Borders / Villa Baruchello, Porto Sant'Elpidio