Svetoslav and Vania Art Studio

Svetoslav and Vania Art Studio

Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria

About Svetoslav and Vania Art Studio

Svetoslav Hadjigaev and Vania Dimitrova are contemporary professional Bulgarian sculpture artists and family couple since graduation from the National Art Academy in Sofia. Ever since their graduation in 2010 with master degrees in metal sculpturing and wood sculpturing, both work as successful artists with many group exhibitions in Bulgaria. Both love welding art and woodcarving. Vania Dimitrova has won numerous prestigious awards for the design of commemorative precious metal coins in both Bulgaria and Japan. Some of Svetoslav and Vania's unique metal sculptures are already part of galleries and private collections in Bulgaria, Australia, America, Europe and the UK. Their united style is always close to nature, seeking inspiration in the many life forms and shapes on Earth. Being very innovative, both are always following their ideas patiently until reaching final perfection and beauty.

"The process of creating is a journey into a world, in which thoughts and emotions are transformed into form. We are very happy when we manage to share with more and more people the joy that we experience in our life."
Svetoslav & Vania


2005-2010: both graduated from the National Academy of Arts in Sofia with master degrees in metal sculpture and wood sculpture