Iris Schreven

Iris Schreven

Nijmegen, Gelderland, Netherlands

About Iris Schreven

After attending the academy of art in Den Bosch (NL), I first entered the world of business before giving up my job in 2007.
Until recently the female face featured most prominently in my work.
But nowadays I have the confidence to open-up to abstract painting (with a single figurative fragment) using my previous techniques and insights. Discover my work and share my passion for detail by looking at surface structures and subtle colors. It's such a joy to
work with these undefined forms and compositions: they reflect my state of mind / mood as a multi-layered (canvas) skin.

My canvases are custom made using aluminium stretcher bars with heavy linen to avoid any risk of warping.

“Open your eyes and dream!”


Royal Academy of Art, Den Bosch, The Netherlands
NIMA A, Marketing, Arnhem, The Netherlands


- Aesthetica Magazine: one of the leading publications for art, design and photography.

- Winning the Art day in The Hague, defeating ninety nominees, thanks to the unanimous decision of the jury.
- She was also proclaimed as the best painter at the outdoor art event in Ootmarsum, a well-known fair in the Netherlands with around 300 artist, by the Kunst in Twente platform.
As a respons to all positive reactions, the organisation has asked her to participate on the next fair on a prominent place, free of charge.


During the year I select a number of Art Fairs to participate, mostly in The Netherlands and Belgium. My collectors come from around the world and appreciate the full service I give them.
For more information check my Homepage:
Thank you so much Rebecca Wilson and team for choosing my work "Queen for a day". Here is the link to view:
Thank you so much Rebecca Wilson and team for choosing my work "The promise you made". Here is the link to view: