Michael Zawlocki

Michael Zawlocki

Minneapolis , MN, United States

About Michael Zawlocki

I am an American Painter and contemporary artist currently working in Yakima Washington. My work is a physical release of emotion for me being a nomadic artist with no studio and the exhausting urge to always be creating. It’s a therapy for me - the entire process is a battle and the goal after each painting is to learn a little bit more about myself, my hidden thoughts, or my untapped feelings. Seeing my arrangements, pictures, scratches, marks, found materials etc. on the canvas brings out many different emotions and as they are moved around over and over and over again. I fluctuate moods which is ultimately an addiction and the game is to end on a high note every time.

What you’ll see is an accumulation of up-cycled material found in my surrounding environment mixed with neutral pallets of acrylic, oil and house paint. I travel around the US three months at a time creating work that reflects my surroundings, my energy and my point of view - in that order.


- The Norseman Distillery MN 2015
- Gamut Gallery MN 2016
- Block Fort Gallery MN 2016
- Zaki Basement Show MN 2016
- MCAD Alumni Art show MN 2016
- Gamut Gallery 2017
- Mill on Main Gallery Show 2019
- Collaboration Coffee Gallery Solo show 2019