james gilbert

james gilbert

Los Angeles, CA, United States

About james gilbert

American,.Lives and works Los Angeles
Los Angeles based artist who works across mediums creating installations with video and sound, drawings and performance. I approach my work as an effort toward better understanding identity, where it comes from, dynamics that influence it, how we use it in reaction to social structures and the relationships that benefit or become strained by it.
Responding to information presented by news, politics, personalities, and cultural events, which collide daily in an abundant global mash up, we define a period in our collective history and cultural understanding. I interpret these ideas in environments, often working in a series, large quantities and installations that may also incorporate video, sound, drawing or performance. When fabricating structures I utilize common construction materials such as industrial plastic, plywood, and plaster – each containing inherent characteristics that become salient in the core forms and in concept – transparency, plasticity, layered, breakable…
Past work includes themes such as disaster, abuse of power, civil liberties, economics, and death. Each is presented through my own visual defense mechanism, perhaps light-hearted and with a sense of humor to aid in my comprehension of complex topics. Whereas the disaster may also be a playground, civil liberties a carnival game or internal structures become external I regard the work as a series of questions.
The work has been exhibited in The United States, China, South Korea, Colombia, Denmark and has been reviewed in such publications as ArtForum, Artillery, and Sculpture Magazine.


Solo exhibitions in Los Angeles, Dallas, Seoul, Beijing