Javier Guadarrama

Javier Guadarrama

Mexico city, North America, Mexico

About Javier Guadarrama

Born in Guerrero, Mexico in 1960. Lives and works in Mexico City. Graduated from Fine Arts at the National University of Mexico.In my recent artwork the main subject is landscape. Through landscape I try to convey my own life experiences, the way I see the world and all the everyday-day-life little things that visually marvel me. The main goal in my work is to create both a poetic and suggestive painting in a plain image. As part of the subjects Im interested in, sea which I love-, water transparency and reflections on it have determined a palette where blue is predominant in my current work.


Graduated from Fine Arts at the National University of Mexico. He is currently professor in the painting college at the same university. Has been awarded in several national prizes in both painting and print competitions. His work has been exhibited in 17 solo shows and more than 50 group exhibitions in Spain, USA, Peru and Mexico.,


Future Shows: Novemeber 2009 Art Museum of Queretaro. Qro, Mexico