Jeanette Lafontine

Jeanette Lafontine

Oslo, Norway

About Jeanette Lafontine

Jeanette Lafontine presents pictorial worlds through both intuitive and controlled gestures, often returning to landscape motifs as a source for painterly invention.
In her work she is exploring imaginary landscapes and dreamlike places through abstraction, and these landscapes often becomes a starting point for experimentation with different techniques. She is interested in the process of making a painting, and her method becomes a search for images - they are discovered rather than created.
Although her work ranges from minimalist landscapes to colorful and expressionist motifs, the Nordic landscape often makes itself known.
Many of her latest works are based on drawings, making a dialog between the painted gestural surface and the drawn image, and between the intentional and the accidental.
«My process often begins by making a series of drawings on paper. These drawings can be rough sketches of a location, a view, or they can be intuitive sketches – either way they are an approximation of a specific moment, or of something half remembered. Then I also make lots of paintings on paper where I randomly, and without any particular plan, are adding color and using different techniques to create these colorful landscapes. When moving over to the canvas these processes are usually merged together, where a drawing, shape, line etc are applied to the canvas, and paint becomes the material to make depth and texture to the work. I am interested in painting both as an object and an idea. How different elements and shapes are making a pictorial space that can trigger our imagination, but also the physical qualities of a painting.»

«Even though my works are often drawn from the landscape, I am not attempting to capture something about a particular place or time. It is more about a notion or idea of a landscape. The focus of my work is not to inform the viewer of a specific meaning, rather it is meant to be experienced, hoping for the viewer to experience something that are familiar yet fictional.»


2011/2013 - Master degree, Oslo National Academy of the Arts
2008/2011 - Bachelor degree, Oslo National Academy of the Arts
2007/2008 - Kunst_design fagskolen, Oslo.
2003/2004 - Multimedia Art, FH Salzburg, Austria
2001/2004 - Bachelor Visual communication, Buskerud University College


2021 Featured in Singulart Collection: Private Collection for Sideshow
2021 Featured work in Saatchi Art Collection: Scandi Midsummer curated by Aurora Garrison
2021 Instagram Feature @saatchiart (19.juni 2021)
2021 Featured in Singulart collection: The Blue Collection
2021 Featured in Singulart collection: By the sea
2021 Featured in Singulart collection: Only on SINGULART
2021 Featured in Saatchi Art «Featured Stories – Art of Your Dreams» incl. June Poster
2021 Featured in Saatchi Art Catalog Spring Vol.2
2021 Featured in Saatchi Art Catalog Spring Vol.1
2021 Featured in Singulart collection: The Yellow Collection
2020 Featured in Singulart collection: 2020 Wish List
2020 Saatchi Art: Artist of the Day
2020 Singulart Collection: Contemporary Scandinavian Artists
2019 Oslo Nowhere (feature/shout out)- SOFIA'S ECLECTIC UNIVERSE
2017 Nordic Art Issue - artist interview

2015 Residency Unlimited (RU), NYC.

2014 Diversestipend, Kulturrådet (Arts Council Norway)
2012 Honorable mention, group exhibition Galleri Ramfjord, Oslo


2021 Art Salon (group show), Galleri Pastillen, Kjerringvik, Norway
2020 'Cyborgs & Landscapes', solo exhibition, Interiør Galleriet, Oslo
2019 Group exhibition, Galleri Osebro, Porsgrunn
2019 Oslo Design Fair, group show curated by OsloNowhere
2018 OsloNowhere x Eger, group show, curated by OsloNowhere at Eger in Oslo.
2017 Opening exhibition, group show, Queen Sonja Art Stable, Oslo
2016 «Paintings & Drawings», Booster Gallery, Oslo
2016 A-laget group exhibition, Galleri-A, Oslo
2016 «SOLID ILLUSIONS» Sørenga, Oslo
2015 «Things Unknown - But Longed For Still», Aker Brygge, Fondsbygget, Oslo
2015 Solo exhibition, Interiør Galleriet, Oslo
2015 Group Exhibition, Akershus Art Centre
2015 «Intertwined Realities», Court Tree Collective Gallery, NYC.
2015 The Clemente/Artists Alliance Inc, Open Studios - New Museum's Ideas City Festival 2015, NYC.
2015 Closed Circuit, Abrazo Interno Gallery, NYC.
2014 Stipendutstillingen, Oslo Rådhus (Oslo City Hall)
2013 Graduation Show, Oslo National Academy of the Arts
2012 Group Show, NOoSPHERE, New York. Oct 5th - 28th
2012 Degree Show, Galleri Seilduken, Oslo, Norway
2012 Annual Grant Exhibition, Galleri Ramfjord, Oslo
2011 Graduation Show, Oslo National Academy of the Arts