jean paul Martz

jean paul Martz

Elche, Madrid, Spain

About jean paul Martz

Jean Paul Martz is a french artist, painter and musician based in Spain. His beginnings were found in drawing, dedicated mainly to impressionism. Later on, he took interest in novelty techniques and began to change his way of expressing his art by creating more fluid drawing. Further on, he deepened in thick materials, short and separated strokes. Here is where he began his abstract phase. His work started to acquire a thicker density by using gross fillers and he started to incorporate various distressed and scratched materials with holes of everyday life as if they were afected by the passing of time. Using recycled or discarded objects mixed with traditional materials to search for a new language of artistic expression.

During his stays in New York, he took a big interest in abstract expressionism. He defines his technique as mixed, on canvas of medium and big formats
Although the evolution of his work is quite uniform from his beginnings in informalism, some subtle changes took place both in his techniques and content. He experienced a conceptualist era, working with stained materials. His work may be defined as purely rupturist expressionism. Within the informalism, his paintings, which are characterized by the mixed techniques heterogenous materials, his most characteristic works are those where he applies the mix of unknown materials in compositions that resemble walls, always trying to relate his art with distressed shapes and colors. He adds iconographic characters and signs such as letters and numbers, for an allegoric meaning to connect to the interior world of the artist.
Each painting may have a specific meaning, another distinctive feature based in the reflection of the chromatic austerity, with serious colors, mainly earthy and cold such as ochre, brown, beige or black. He is always searching for more internal tones but also using in occasions happy colors: red, yellow, white, but always contrasting with deeper colors. Existentialism is present in his work, but also the claiming freedom, the importance of the individual and his capacity of action. With his art, he pretends to invite us to serch for our own reflection.


Jean Paul Martz is a self-taught painter and photographer. He started his law studies at the University of Montpellier but in 1976 he opted for art, his real passion. He started his artistic activity taking part in some collective showings. In 1975 he moved to Spain, where he continued with his exhibitions.


1970. Galerie Moderne. Montpellier, France.
1971. Exposition Collective. Centre Culturel Toulouse, France.
1972. Rencontre Culturelle. Nimes, France.
!973. Ecke-Galerie. Mannheim, Germany.
1974. Salle Des Beaux Arts. Sete, France.
1975. Contribution of a work in a group show at the Louisiana Museum de Copenhague, Denmark.
1975. Galeria Face, Alicante.
1977. Group Show. Castellon, Spain.
1980. Casa cultural. Barcelona, Spain.
1987. Consulado de Francia. Alicante, Spain.
1990. Galeria Privada. Elche, Spain.
1992, Galeria Fusion. Altea, Spain.
1994. Galeria. Vigo, Spain.
1997. Fundacion Cam. Elche, Spain.
2000. Galeria Fase. Alicante, Spain.
2003. Centre culturel. France.
2004/2015. Permanent and solo exhibition in the Center “ Casa del artista” , Elche, Alicante. Spain.
2014/2015 Exhibition. Brussels.


Upcomming dates in Madrid, London and Stockholm.