Jeong Im Yi

Jeong Im Yi

CHICAGO, IL, United States

About Jeong Im Yi

I was born and raised in Seoul, S.Korea. I came to Sam Francisco for the 2nd MFA degree and now live and work in Chicago. I work mainly with oil but also studied true tempera and gilding. My woks have been included in many public and private collections nationally and internationally. SungKok Art Museum and Tal Danai (CEO, Artlink, Inc) are among them.

Artist Statement :Images lie in silence, isolated from the incessant activity of the surrounding world are valuable not in themselves but rather as signs of other things. Employing photo referential realism technique, my work reveals its center of realities through its vulnerable stillness and presence of anonymous stories.
I do not attempt to replicate the world around us but invite the viewer on a regressive journey beyond the mundane through the coalescence of space and time. The brush marks on my work is a point of mindfulness and a record of having been there.
The time and images in my work do not elapse in a sequential, linear fashion, rather with repeated accumulation or parallel pauses. These layers combine in a still moment; our momentary mortal gaze as we reckon with eternity.


2004 San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA. Master of Fine Arts, Painting
1995 Hong-Ik University, Seoul, Korea. Master of Fine Arts, Painting
1993 Hong-Ik University, Seoul, Korea. Bachelor of Fine Arts, Painting


My works have been featured in numerous exhibitions nationally and internationally, including 9 times solo exhibitions which were held in Seoul, Tokyo and San Francisco. Some of group exhibitions are, Realism, Really, Sonoma Valley Art Museum, (2014), Introductions at Gallery Paule Anglim, San Francisco (2004) Eleven& Eleven : Korea and Japan Contemporary Art, SungKok Art Museum, Seoul and Tokyo (2002) International Young Art, Artlink@Sotheby’s International Young Art, Chicago, Tel Aviv and Vienna (2000)

2008 Artistic Selection Award, 16th Korean Cultural Center Annual Juried Exhibition, LA, CA
2005 Nominated for SECA Award, SFMOMA, San Francisco, CA
2002-2003 San Francisco Art Institute Graduate Fellowship, San Francisco, CA
2001 Diplome D’honneur, Biennale Des Artistes Haute-Marnais 2001, Chaumont, France
2000 Bronze Medal, Salon Violet, Paris, France
Tomorrow’s Artist, SungGok Art Museum, Seoul, Korea
1999 Special Prize, Seoul Contemporary Art Festival, Seoul, Korea
1997 Special Prize, MBC Art Festival, Seoul, Korea
1990-1992 Hong-Ik University Scholarship, Seoul, Korea