Jeroen Blok

Jeroen Blok

Nieuwkoop, Zuid Holland, Netherlands

About Jeroen Blok

born 1976.

Despite the varied painting and thematic subjects that Jeroen Blok tackles, ranging from abstract material research to series in which figuration and abstraction create an exciting balance, his signature style is very recognisable for those who delve into his oeuvre. A serial approach is typical of his working method as well as his evident pleasure in experimenting with techniques and materials, resulting in an unconventional use of collage technique, intriguing layers and a narrative visual language. The working method and the chosen themes show the need for complete autonomy and a degree of maladjustment, contradiction and obstinacy. And if I were to say that he is enthusiastic or driven, it would be an understatement: possessed comes closer. In other words, an enormous inner drive, or, as can be said so beautifully in German: making art "aus innere Notwendigkeit", because you cannot do anything else. This is reflected in an enormous flow and production. His work is characterised by a critical attitude, a commentary on what is going on in the world and the social cohesion amongst people. This is accompanied by a great desire for freedom, an opposition to any form of patronage or restraintment. In Blok's recent work, for example, people regularly appear as small and insignificant creatures, who seem to surrender or try to break free from the pattern. The results are bold, sometimes subdued or even poetic. He himself says of his work: "My paintings and drawings are best read as work in which perception, free interpretation and image converge with one another.”


Solo/duo expositions

2019 Noordkade
2018 Luycks galerie Tilburg
2017 Twelve Twelve galerie (Den Haag)
2017 Cin in Wonen (illustratie/zoziejemaar)
2017 Rechthuys Nieuwkoop (Hometown ? Met Caroline Waltman)
2017 Vuurtoren Breskens (tekst Wim Hofman/Illustraties)
2017 Ruttkowski;68 (keulen)
2016 Luycks Gallery (Tilburg) Met Rik van Iersel
2016 Ruimte van Rolf (Gouda)
2015 De Aanschouw (Roterdam)
2015 De Nieuwe Poort (dependance Kers Gallery Amsterdam)
2014 WTC The Hague Art Gallery
2014 Solo Exposition Galerie Majke Husstege
2013 Willem 3 Vlissingen (Cultuurwerf) Met Wim Hofman
2012 Wonderwood Amsterdam
2011 Ververs Galerie Amsterdam met Anne van Eck

Selected groupexhibitions

2020 APPÈL-galeries
2020 Luycks Gallery
2019 De Compagnie
2019 Torrence Art Museum/aanschouw/sec. of fame
2019 A Joy Forever #5 (Luycks Gallery)
2018 A Joy Forever #5 (Luycks Gallery)
2018 Kunstrai 2018
2017 Groepsexpositie (Luycks gallery)
2017 PAN Amsterdam (Wonderwood)
2017 TAC Eindhoven
2017 BMB Galerie Amsterdam (Rik van Iersel en Wim Hofman)
2017 De aanschouw/Tent (Rotterdam)
2017 Twelve twelve Galerie (Den Haag) ‘Rain of blessings’
2017 Galerie Martin Van Blerk (Antwerpen)
2017 luycks gallery (Another thing of Beauty)
2016 Groepsexpositie (Luycks gallery)
2016 Kunstrai (Luycks gallery)
2016 Artfair Cologne (Allegra Nomad Gallery Boekarest)
2016 Galerie Posthuys (Texel)
2016 Galerie Nasty Alice (Eindhoven)

2015 De Nieuwe Poort,Amsterdam (dependance Kers gallery Amsterdam)
2015 Jonkervrouw/Bmb Galerie Groepsexpositie
2015 BMB Galerie Groepsexpositie (Amsterdam)
2015 Kers gallery (Back too the Zoo) met Charlotte Schleiffert, Anouk Griffioen.e.a.
2015 Buitenplaats / Beeldentuin Tessloo (doorlopend 2014/2015)

2014 Groepsexpositie Kers Gallery
2014 Blooom Artfair Keulen Kallenbach Gallery
2014 Artthehague
2014 Kallenbach gallery/ End of summer groupshow
2014 Buitenplaats / Beeldentuin Tessloo
2014 Small Works Wonderwood Amsterdam
2014 Arcade Tentoonstellingsruimte (van 2 tot 72)
2014 Kallenbach Gallery (Works on paper 2)
2014 Arcade Tentoonstellingsruimte (met Wim Hofman en Berdie Bartels, illustraties)

2013/2014 Groupexposition Galerie Helga Hofman

2013 Pan Amsterdam
2013 New Works Galerie Majke Husstege (groupshow, concept)
2013 Ververs Galerie Amsterdam (groupshow)
2013 Kallenbachgallery (Works on paper 1)
2013 Galerie Helga Hofman (groupshow)

2012 Contemporary Art Ruhr Essen Duitsland
2012 Groupshow Ververs Galerie Amsterdam
2012 Club A. projects Amsterdam
2012 Exposition Beeldverhalen: Majke Husstege ‘s-Hertogenbosch
2012 Summerexposition Galerie Helga Hofman
2012 Kunstrai Amsterdam (galerie Majke Husstege)
2012 CBK Groningen (nieuwe uitleenschatten)
2012 Helga Hofman Galerie (upstairs)
2012 Foto-expositie Majke Husstege ‘s-Hertogenbosch
2012 Galerie 14-16 Posthuys Texel
2012 RAW Artfair Galerie Majke Husstege

2011 Vaste collectie expositie/parallel expo Lucebert Galerie van Duyse Antwerpen
2011 Groepsexpositie Galerie Helga Hofman (summer)
2011 Groepsexpositie Galerie van Duyse Antwerpen Belgie

A few clients/collaborations

-Migrate magazine (South afrika)
-Migrate magazine (Australia)
-Multiple schoolproject
-Who knows magazine
-Emillion skateboards