JoAnne Tunnell Muench

JoAnne Tunnell Muench

Phoenix, AZ, United States

About JoAnne Tunnell Muench

I was born with an instinct for splashing colors, gluing paper, cutting out pictures, and layering textures. These instincts and loves have led me to collage art. I can't remember when I wasn't drawing, scribbling, writing, painting, and thinking about art. I have been enchanted from time to time with different periods of art but I love all creativity. Some of my influences have been : Neo-classicism, Post-Impressionism, Expressionism, Surrealism, Dada, Cubism. American Regionalist art , WPA art, Abstract-Expressionism, Hyperrealism, the work of my former mentor, Ancel E. Nunn, outsider art, mural art, graffiti art, pulp and trash novels, comic books, Pop Art, Mexican art, folk art, the books of Carl Jung and a dozen other metaphysical writers and the love of the desert southwest mixed with a deep love for East Texas where my roots lie.

Collage is an outer reflection of my inner beliefs. I see the universe and our world as being multiple dimensions, of all time occurring at once and the idea that a thin veil separates us from other worlds. So, I like to play with arranging and deconstructing all sorts of images. I am often dark-humored and a bit sarcastic. I think more of the metaphysical now that I am older and that is reflected in my work. I love the hours I spend working on my art. There's a real joy in blocking out the happenings of the day. I never know how a collage will turn out until I finish. I never begin with an idea in mind except for the stream of consciousness that helps me pick images to be glued to canvas or paper. I like mysteries and I like a certain amount of surprise. I like to leave hidden symbols in my work. I'm a serious person who doesn't take herself seriously and with a skewed outlook on life and a hippie soul.


BFA in Studio Arts: The University of Texas at Tyler.
MA in Art, Art History and History : The University of Texas at Tyler.
Apprenticeship with Ancel E. Nunn: December 1979-March 1983.


My paintings and collages are in both private and corporate collections.