joan taltavull

joan taltavull

London, London, United Kingdom

About joan taltavull

Joan Taltavull, Barcelona 1988.

On the one hand, my work is an analysis of the contemporary times in which I live, presented in grotesque fashion to force the viewer to reflect on the world. We live in a world devoted to presenting things in an aesthetically pleasing way, and I believe that this often leads to a loss of integrity. On the other hand, my work is concerned with the psychology of people and objects and the impact that this has on them, hence the themes of neoplasm, thinness and twisting.

Coming from the world of graphic design and fashion, illustration has led me to develop more focused techniques in the digital and stamping worlds, hence the use of layered collages with digital prints, flat areas of color and, of course, drawing. The creative process is always implicit in the final work, trying to show dimension lines, unpainted parts, notes, sketches and pieces of tape. Dealing with human attributes using such everyday techniques becomes a very spontaneous process that can act as a mirror to the soul of the beholder.


Fashion Design at IED (Instituto europeo Di Design) Barcelona(2007-2011)
Art at Menorca Art School (2004-2007)


Agora Gallery, New York, USA
August (2014)

Spitalfields Art Market, London, UK
april (2014)

La Retratería, Barcelona, Spain
octuber (2013)

La Margarete , Ciutadella de Menorca, Spain
august (2013)