Jonet Harley-Peters

Jonet Harley-Peters

LONDON, United Kingdom

About Jonet Harley-Peters

I've always been drawn to symmetry and pattern and first started to explore the structure of geometry and proportion in my last year at art school..

Part of my childhood was spent in East Africa and the rest on the edge of Dartmoor in South West England. Africa gave me colour pattern and heat.and Dartmoor mood mist and water.

I use raw pigments and pastel for their intensity of colour and more recently photographic imagery to show the detail and texture of plant life.

I started to work with circles as a holistic and universal symbol and found that this simple geometry gave me a solid structure on which to base my exploration of colour.

A visit to India was highly influential and as a result I added the triangle to my set of shapes.. I also discovered the story of Indra's Net which demonstrates a holographic view of consciousness

" In the heaven of Indra there is said to be a network of Pearls so arranged that if you look at one you see all the others reflected in it."


South Devon College of art - Leeds city college of art


selected Commissions.

I work largely to commission and have completed many projects see a short list below
Bank of England - British Telecom - British Airways - Homerton Hospital - Art Contact - Central Middlesex Hospital - Reuters - Broomfield Hospital - Colchester and Tendring Hospital - Workplace Art - Chelsea Harbour Club - Trusthouse Forte - Camsco - Enron -

Residencies - the Florence trust - Paintings in Hospitals - Central Middlesex hospital - Royal London Hospital.


Selected Exhibitions

William Morris gallery - Pumphouse gallery - Barbican Arts Group Trust Blackhorse Lane studios - Unilever Collection - The Florence Trust - - Gloucester Royal Hospital - Battersea Arts Centre - Mafuji Gallery - Cupola Contemporary Art - Bury Museum and Art gallery - Royal Free hospital - Whitworth Gallery - South square Gallery - Bedford Hill gallery - Casson Gallery - Teaspace Two workplace Art - Century Gallery -