Karina Stanton

Karina Stanton

New Orleans, LA, United States

About Karina Stanton

Karina Stanton is a permanent student of world literature, philosophy, history, culture, religion and current events. Her artwork implements the ideas and object symbols of these disciplines which combine to highlight the narratives of both mankind and the individual. Form is influenced by the fluid precision of art nouveau and the simplified forms of abstract minimalism. Unifying themes concentrate on the perception of time, its relativity, how it effects mankind, and the personal experiences of memory, presence, and expectation.

Line is the primary visual element and symbols from cultural and historical objects are often abstracted down to simplified linear shapes. These symbolic representations ask the viewer stimulating questions about their personal experience with the original object and what it represents to themselves and in society.

Process involves fabrication from raw materials over use of refined objects to create one of a kind, precisely hand-crafted sculptures with significant preference for traditional metalsmithing techniques such as lost wax casting and anvil forging.

Karina Stanton has been showing her work in various galleries and exhibitions since 2006. She often travels worldwide and divides her residence between New Orleans, LA and Grand Rapids, MI.


Michigan State University, Theatre 1999-2000

Australian Catholic University, Fine Art 2002-2003

Grand Valley State University, Fine Art 2006-2011


Artprize, Opening Reception, September 2014

The Line of Things, Opening Reception, April 2016

Champagne Stroll on Magazine, May 2016


Grand Rapids Artwalk, September 2006

Grand Rapids Artwalk, September 2007

Artprize 2009

Artprize 2011

Artprize 2014

"The Line of Things", Solo Exhibition, April 2016

Pop-up at Graphite Gallery New Orleans, May 2016

"Let Them Eat Cake!", Solo Exhibition, October 2016