Tony Howse

Tony Howse

Whangamata, Coromandel, New Zealand

About Tony Howse

Tony Howse has been sculpting New Zealand native timber for over 30 years. His appreciation and knowledge is reflected in his works, creating beautiful Kauri artworks that embrace New Zealand's natural environment and cultural history. Every piece is unique, and tells its own story.

The Coromandel, New Zealand has been a major influence in his exploration of sea life and the coastal landscape through his salvaged Kauri wood sculptures. Tony began sculpting in 1991 and has exhibited and won awards many times in galleries and at art shows throughout New Zealand.

Private collectors in Europe, America and Japan have acquired most of his work to date.

Tony is driven by his ability to see wood and stone in its raw form, and visualise the artwork within the piece. He derives great pleasure in enabling people to see the hidden beauty that lies within native and exotic timbers.

Tony works with many different kinds of wood, but Kauri lies closes to his heart. Tony has devoted himself to recovering what Kauri head remain and he collects this precious wood all over the Coromandel Peninsula. Within the knotted, twisted and ancient wood, lies timber grain of extraordinary colour and beauty. 

Guided by the contour and patterns of the wood, Tony spends a long time contemplating each individual piece of salvaged Kauri to see what shape hides within, before he starts the work of sculpting, uncovering the form.
Tony also uses parts of the root system as table legs for his Kauri Design pieces.

Tony Howse uses native birds and other forms from nature as his main inspiration.

All art from Kauri Cliff Art Gallery by Tony Howse is fully insured and ships in a custom-built professionally made crate.