Ken Church

Ken Church

Toquerville, UT, United States

About Ken Church

Ken Church is full time professional artist from York, England. Primarily interested in large canvas acrylic paintings of wildlife and nature. Essentially realistic his paintings are in a modern style of bold brush strokes, bright colors and luminous patterns of light. The subject matter of his work is a platform to explore the camouflaging effect of light and color that blend together in a tapestry of animal and fauna. The spirit of his work serves to draw attention to the majesty and beauty of wildlife on our planet and the need for preservation and restoration of their habitat.

Church began his career as a very prolific full time artist in June of 2015 after a long career as a Creative Director in several advertising agencies. His paintings began to sell immediately on-line at and on Several paintings are on display in commercial office buildings and in private collections.


Ken graduated from the York School of Art in England, and moved to the U.S. where he received a scholarship to study fine art at Brigham Young University. He moved on to Post graduate studies in drawing and illustration at The Art Center College of Design in California.


Mesh Gallery, Beverly Hills, California
Show at Edital in Hollywood.