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Nick Stroud aka KillJoy.
After turning down a place at goldsmiths college in London, back in the 1980’s, and instead joined an interior design company that specialised in furniture making and decorative finishes.
That experience in creative workmanship, with his already inate desire to be an artist has been a key factor in the artwork that Nick Stroud produces today.

The past 10 years Nick has re-awakening his passion for art, by creating neon art, with skull art work.
Using neon lighting and sculpture, and using such finishes as chrome and graffiti style dips.
These encapsualting skulls with there neon lights are presented in ornate frames and different types of finishes that are perfect for urban and modern style tastes.
Killjoy skulls and artwork are in venues such as the Libertines Indie band Hotel, and recording studio, and have been exhibited in the UK, with collections going overseas, and killjoys artwork is getting popular among new and old art collectors, and continues to grow in popularity.

People always expect me to be covered in tattoos, listening to heavy metal, and wearing leather trousers...but skulls are not like that for me.

I'm always looking for new inspiration in creating new art, and first came across skulls in my early 20’s while living in New Orleans, there take on death in New Orleans is very different from how we see it in the U.K.
The skull has so many meanings and adaptations that I just had to start bringing them into my later art work.
And let’s face it, none of us can escape it [death]
But it’s also something we must all face at some point in our life’s, I love life and hate the fact that life seems so short.
So when people buy my skull art work I like to think that there’s a part of them, that is sticking 2 fingers up a death. But also being mindful and respectful, that one day it will be knocking at all of are doors.
So that’s why, because
Death is such a