Giuliano Augusto Tommasi

Giuliano Augusto Tommasi

Verona, Italy

About Giuliano Augusto Tommasi

Born in Verona (Italy), always fascinated by psychology, aesthetics, oriental philosophies and anthropology.In Giuliano Augusto Tommasi the artistic component acts with great energy and determination. Whether he leaves the quiet boundaries of his profession and sets off exploring the world and venturing, even alone, in unknown territories far from our culture; or when he is fascinated by new readings, moved by the pure curiosity arisen in him by certain titles and by the invitations to reflect coming from them, thanks to his special sensitivity; or when he ventures to explore the domains of visual communication. He enters this field as a self-taught artist, even if he allows some technical expertise, considered useful if not necessary, and he doesnt absolutely worry about rules, records, examples or history, which he approaches with a nave and delightful eye.He is carried away by his sensitivity towards materials, by the sensations arisen in him by the elements he handles, giving them a simple and straight message that belongs to his experiences and to his inner feelings.Almost unconsciously he breathes from his time the thorough freedom of expression in the visual domain, whichever the manner, the language or the category is. A freedom, hardly achieved, filled with the dangers of the mare magnum of visual communication dominating our time, yet remaining extremely fascinating.


Giuliano Augusto Tommasi as a self-taught artist has experienced painting, with an increasing determination. His attention has progressively shifted from representation, ruled by the human figure, to the language through which painting expresses itself, mainly based on materials and energies.But now Giuliano Tommasi discovers sculpture and focuses in two materials: gauze and clay. They both keep his imagination busy.For Tommasi traveling and discovering cultures and ways of life to be approached without filters, only driven by curiosity and the desire to wear unknown mental clothes, form the main experience where he obtains ideas to continuously enrich his artistic research. exibitions2002 galleria duomo- verona- italy2002 barchessa rambaldi- bardolino-italy2005 arte padova - italy2006 la telaccia- torino - italy2007 opern studio - verona - italy2007 arte e cioccolato - verona - italy, 2009 Desideri d' Artista - Verona Italy, 2011 The body - Verona Italy


Future Shows: 2012